The Grand Resurrection

Webster defines Resurrection as “the state of one risen from the dead.” 

Well, that’s how I feel these days! 3 years and 3 months since I visited this space and a lot has happened in these 3 years – many highs, a few lows, some disappointments and many learning! But the most important of all, the one that I cherish the most would be my growth as a human being before giving birth to another tiny being. I remember venting about my infertility in one of the posts. I can still feel my cheeks go cold when I think of the tears asking “Why Me”, “What if” and many such questions. I poured my heart to God, asked a lot of intimate questions. Sometime I thought I got an answer and sometimes silence. I knew God loved everyone, but honestly I wasn’t feeling the love. I knew trusting God was the answer, except that it wasn’t easy.  I even tried to run away from God but it brought more sorrow.


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Today I realise, how naive was I to question God’s plan in the grand scheme of things, how the whole story which he carefully curated for me was never visible to my naked eyes which were blinded by myriad of worldly vices.

As I write this, I can’t thank God enough for all that has been bestowed upon me. Let’s hope the renewed and rejuvenated me is able to overcome the writers block and start writing more frequently.

A very happy new year to you all!



NM#30 – Phew!!!

Phew! Finally the madness comes to an end. Soo Relieved! But I am  super proud of myself for finishing this. 🙂 I never thought I could post for every day all the more reason why this milestone feels exhilarating!I-did-it_1.jpg

More later..





I missed posting yesterday. Don’t ask me how sad I am. It was my sister’s birthday and the whole day was spent pampering her with new dresses and then cake cutting. My little sister has now a cute little baby herself but that does no take away the fact she is the chotu in our family. The lil one is full on masti and I had the best holiday this time. She is so cutee and soooo attached to me. I will write a separate post about her. Although I am sad I broke the protocol, it was for my sisters bday and that’s perfectly okay 🙂

On another note, my holiday is over and I am returning back to Hyderabad tonight. I will terribly miss being with parents, sister and the cutiepie, at the same time, I am excited to meet S after a week.




Natural Cranberry Icecream

I have been a bigg fan of Natural Icecream. I have tried almost all their seasonal flavors but can never get enough of it. Today I tried something new – Cranberry. It was really good, much like eating the actual fruit – sweet and sour.


I know I have been posting a string of cheat posts! I am still at hometown, enjoying with the newest member of our family. On any other day, blogging would have been the last thing I would think about when I am with family. But I have been obsessed with #NaBloPoMo . I don’t think I have done anything so diligently, ever. I am so so proud of myself.

Quick Post

We spent a hour to make the baby sleep. My sister would beat me black and blue if the monitor light wakes her up.

Good night folks