NM#30 – Phew!!!

Phew! Finally the madness comes to an end. Soo Relieved! But I am  super proud of myself for finishing this. 🙂 I never thought I could post for every day all the more reason why this milestone feels exhilarating!I-did-it_1.jpg

More later..





I missed posting yesterday. Don’t ask me how sad I am. It was my sister’s birthday and the whole day was spent pampering her with new dresses and then cake cutting. My little sister has now a cute little baby herself but that does no take away the fact she is the chotu in our family. The lil one is full on masti and I had the best holiday this time. She is so cutee and soooo attached to me. I will write a separate post about her. Although I am sad I broke the protocol, it was for my sisters bday and that’s perfectly okay 🙂

On another note, my holiday is over and I am returning back to Hyderabad tonight. I will terribly miss being with parents, sister and the cutiepie, at the same time, I am excited to meet S after a week.




Natural Cranberry Icecream

I have been a bigg fan of Natural Icecream. I have tried almost all their seasonal flavors but can never get enough of it. Today I tried something new – Cranberry. It was really good, much like eating the actual fruit – sweet and sour.


I know I have been posting a string of cheat posts! I am still at hometown, enjoying with the newest member of our family. On any other day, blogging would have been the last thing I would think about when I am with family. But I have been obsessed with #NaBloPoMo . I don’t think I have done anything so diligently, ever. I am so so proud of myself.

Quick Post

We spent a hour to make the baby sleep. My sister would beat me black and blue if the monitor light wakes her up.

Good night folks


Mandalas – Stress Busters

This is my latest find in the market :-A mandala coloring book for adult! I would totally recommend it! After a stressful day at work coloring these beautiful patterns, earphones plugged into ears, gives a lot of peace and calm!