The Pillayar Suzhi ! / Shree Ganesh!!

Here I am ! With a brand new blog and a new look. Me and blogs put together has always been a total failure. Every year I spend countless hours in deciding the name, the theme etc but the enthusiasm soon dies down and the blog goes to hibernation.

This time though I am confident of being much more regular in my updates. With so many nice things happening around me penning down all of them would someday bring back smile in my face when I am feeling blue.

When you’re here you’ve got to remember few things –

  • I am a 20-something who loves dreaming. So you never know, you can be in Venice one day and Vegas the next.
  • I always blog with the name “Sia”. This used to be the name I used to chat with back in “A/S/L” days .I decided to continue the same whenever I ventured into anything online.
  • This blog can suddenly go to a dormant state although I am planning not to do it this time.

I am excited to take up this journey and hope it excites you the same way!

For those who do not know – “Pillayar Suzhi” is the first thing people in South India especially Tamil Nadu write when they start something.  I heard doing it bestows success in writing that piece.

Signing off with a bright smile!



2 responses

  1. All the best Nagu, hope that this is the first of many many comments I make on this blog!

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