Am I time-pessimist?

Oh yes! You read that right. A time pessimist is one who doesn’t have time for anything, who feels 24 hours is not enough .  I am and have always been one. So many of my self-challenges have been left  undone because of this attitude of mine. But not anymore !. I have decided to change. Change for good!

I need to make a transition from being a time- pessimist to time-realist. Now I have set myself with 5 goals.These goals will make my journey towards being a time realist much smoother. And here they are –

  • Sleep Less – Set myself with a sleeping routine.I love my beauty sleep and totally believe in the fact that sleep is a huge part of happiness. But what when it gets to excess? So my first goal is to wake up early.I know early morning sleep is bliss but following this routine would I am sure give me profound satisfaction.
  • Exercise – Exercising is something that I have totally given up. I feel guilty about the extra 15 kgs that I have put on.It  saddens me :(. Pranayam comes next in the list of my goals.
  • Connect with God – Everyone has his/her own way of connecting to God. And I feel in my case the network connection is lost.Things like visiting temples, meditating, daily prayers I have put a complete full stop to everything.Maybe I am happy that God has given me all that  I had I asked for or maybe I am angry because he could have granted me even more. In any case I just need to revive the connection.Meditation and prayers follow the chart.
  • Diet – When I said I have the constant urge to hog all day my mom was shell shocked.All her life she has been wondering of ways to make me eat. I remember  asking her when I was a kid – “What does hunger feel like?”.And now all I do is eat. And eat everything I see and feel like.I definitely need help here and I hope I get some magic machine which can remind me of all the calories that I am gulping. A good diet is what  I need to come up with.
  • Cut down on TV time – I am addicted! Addicted to all Hindi serials. I understand Ram and Priya have found love after 6 months of marriage and Arnav and Khushi can make a brilliant pair when they realise their love for each other. I know Jeevika  has to cope up with Maanvi ‘s cancer and Mona needs to understand that her husband is cheating on her.( If you do not understand or know any of them please be happy that you are not one of those TV-addicts ).Next on the list is to say no to TV.

Now that the goals are set I want to complete it.. Let’s see how it goes..

Meanwhile, if you are also  time -pessimist, someone who finds 24 hours are not enough and truly want to change, what are you waiting for? Now is the time! Set 5 goals and make it a habit.Plan things and set yourself a routine.Lets see who does it fast. Get set and Go!



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