My take on Kahaani..

Have you liked Bollywood? Have you felt like trashing Bollywood? Well if your answer is yes for either of the questions, stop reading this and book your right now.

Kahaani  is a kahaani of a heavily pregnant woman from London who in search of her missing husband lands herself in Kolkata. What follows is a series of mysteries and soon, she finds herself in the middle of a dangerous game between the Government officials, the Intelligence Bureau and terrorists. Now, if I say anything more I might spill the beans  which I most definitely not intend to as I really want you to go and watch the movie.

Kahaani is a refreshing change amidst all stereotyped Rom-com, non-stop nonsense comedies.Watch it for BVidya, watch it for Kolkata, watch it for Sujoy’s brilliant direction and more importantly watch it for the gripping story because such movies are not made often in Bollywood.

Although everything about this movie is good, one thing that needs a special mention is that the movie solely rests upon a woman’s shoulder. And know what ? She din’t have to shed even one piece of cloth!  All Vidya Balan did was “act” and she acted to the best of her calibre.  Kahaani would not be have been half as good were it not for the effortless performance by Vidya Balan. This lady is a powerhouse of talent and brings with her an unmatched determination.

The screenplay is brilliant and keeps you at the edge of your seat till the end. The story is extremely gripping and  a completely unexpected twist blows your mind. The background music by Vishal- Shekhar blends well with the backdrop of the movie. “Aami Shotti Bolchi” and “Ekto Cholo Re” add to the intensity of the movie. Setu’s Cinematography has captured the city of joy’s beauty and celebrations so well that its a visual treat even to those who have not been there.

To me, Casting has been the most important element of this movie’s success. I’m sure you would have known by now that Vidya Balan as BVidya Bagchi  has given an extraordinary performance.. She is an absolute delight to watch and  steals the show right from the beginning..She is well supported by some of the finest actors who sadly are not very famous in the mainstream Hindi cinema. One such untapped potential is the guy who played the role of  Rana..His dialogue delivery was fantastic.Parambrata Chatterji as the police officer did a cute job. But my favourite was the guy who played  Bob Biswas‘s role.His gaze sent shivers down my spine. Every time he came on screen, he gave me the same scare I used to get whilst watching Tehkikat. (Yes, I was very scared to watch it alone in the night!! ). Even people with cameos did a fantastic job. But as Vidya Balan quoted in an interview – The story of Kahaani is its real hero.

To sum it up, Kahaani is exactly what Bollywood needs now, it is what people expect from directors now – A change, a Welcome change !!

Until next movie..




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