Back After A Hiatus!!

I knew this was coming!! 4 Blogs, hundreds of resolutions, an umpteen amount of passion and I knew that one day this new found blogging habit would also take a back seat. When life has so much to offer you why the hell should I after all stick to one thing!! 😛

Anyways the best take away for me from so many unsuccessful attempts is to come back and start things up exactly where I left it with the same enthusiasm and excitement I had on the Day 1. So here I am, after a short sabbatical from blogging!

Well, come to think of it, there had been many situations and events which reminded me about my blog. Any nice/ sad event in life and I would think of  how best can I write about it in my blog, any new culinary experiment and my mind would for a second shift to the WordPress dashboard and I would come up with a nice name for my recipe. Yes! This would happen daily or atleast 4-5 times a week. And I would think that I am becoming a compulsive blogger. The only difference being I would never gather enough motivation to type it down.

Past month has been really eventful with some good and bad things. I lost a good person I knew in my neighborhood in a freaky accident. I really wanted blog about that.. Let’s call him S. S used to own a medical shop near my house and was a very nice guy. I had always seen him help needy and poor people.  So much so that my maidservant was soo upset over his death.  Some people are genuinely good, they have no intentions behind being so good and he was one!! In fact, on the day of his accident I met him. I had gone to his shop to get medicine for my FIL, complained to him about how a famous private hospital in Gurgaon charges 10k for a home visit. He even gave me details of a very good doctor and asked me to give his reference. 2 days later I find the shop closed.. On enquiring I found out that on that same Friday when I visited his shop he got drunk to the extent of going and banging his bike on a stationary truck.  His sudden death led me into questioning the existence of God. I pushed myself into a virtual black hole filled with sadness almost for a week with just one question – How can God do this to someone who was so good? Yes I know about Karma theory but c’mon don’t good things you do in this life nullify your bad karma? Nothing helped me come out of that sad pit. And then I heard the vegetable shop owner (His shop is right next to S’s medical shop) tell someone S had some friends who usually accompanied him in his drinks session. On that fateful day they stopped him from drinking for unknown reasons. When he refused to listen to them they took his bike keys thinking that he would atleast take an auto back home. But S borrowed a bike key from some stranger and managed to unlock his bike. How freaky can that get? How often have we heard about bikes getting unlocked without its keys? I had my answer!! After all, God did try his best in stopping him from dying.  I came out of the virtual hole with a much stronger conviction that “Life indeed is uncertain. Make the best use of it today because you never know Kal Ho Na Ho”.

Coming to the nicer part, I found some untapped potential in me. I found out that I could paint when I painted that lovely jute bag and the pink kurta that is half done. They just look lovely. I know I should have taken some pictures but things just happened so quickly and I had to gift that bag to someone on the same day and I completely forgot about clicking them..

I also laid my hands on the cute lil Casio keyboard my brother in law got as a gift when he was a child. I can now play “Pardesi, Pardesi”!! DH says now that I am confident, I can get started with the job this song is best known for :P. I can also play the first few lines of Kaho na Pyar Hai and Mouna Ragam theme music. I just love the piano mode of casio and I practiced it to the extent of boring my in-laws.  The best part was each and everyone took part in my new found passion and gave me much needed comments and support. I can’t my fortunes enough for being blessed with such amazing in-laws. They support me and my childlike passions every time. I practiced hard and took pleasure in composing my own tunes. And then my fingers started to ache and I stopped practicing. 🙂

Another brilliant thing that happened last month was the football Champions League. I was never a sports freak. Cricket was the only sport that I could claim I knew anything about. I come from a women-dominated family and I still remember what my dad went through during world cup India matches. Slowly things changed, I grew up and started playing cricket myself. I felt it was one of those sports you played as a team and that excited me. I hate IPL though!

A year before last, I saw the football World Cup. Until then I had never dared to do that. I found it aggressive and I abhorred watching sweaty men fighting with each other. Because I was left alone in the company of 4 men including DH (my boyfriend then), I started watching  football and learnt the rules. I fell in love with the sport. And suddenly watching those late night football matches with DH in this season of Champions League seemed very romantic. Btw I love Messi, he is an absolute sweetheart. I love Pep Gaurdiola too.

With so many good and not so good experiences, I am back here and back with a bang!! This time though I hope to have a longer stint with iscribble.



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