Mind Over Mattress!!

Waking up early is by far the most difficult change I can bring about in my life. I am a person who would never hear the sound of the alarm ..Even if I do manage to hear it ringing, I wouldn’t for a second hesitate to hit the snooze button until the alarm gave up :). I have always believed that ” Blessed are the people who can have a peaceful sleep” .My feelings became stronger when I suffered from hyperacidity in 2007 which  for a strange reason led to insomnia. The mental trauma of not being able to sleep well during those days, is enough for me to justify the countless hours I spend  sleeping  and I just don’t regret it. Aww, how I love my beauty sleep!..Sleep during the early hours of the morning is even better ;)..Nevertheless, these days I wonder that despite having so much time at hand, ( I quit my job recently) I still do not have enough time to do everything I want. I have been doing a little bit of calculation on what takes most of my time and the numbers show that the total hours I sleep is more or less equal to the hours I am awake . 😛 And I try to squeeze so much work in that short time. 😕

Thats it! I have decided to take the plunge. I am sure its going to be difficult and might not be as pleasant as I expect it to be. But I am doing this, for my own good! 😡

The first thing I thought of when I decided to venture into this “Battle with the bed” is to blog about it.One it would keep reminding me every day/week  I open my dashboard. (I hope its the former since I have decided to blog more often)..Two – I have read that – Its always good to write your goal before you work on it. Its gives a clear picture of what you are getting yourself into..

So here is what I have set myself with – a  short term goal.

1) Wake up at 6.30 AM. Might decide to push it earlier seeing my progress after a week.

2) Walk/Jog in the nearby park for 20 minutes. Since I have been walking here for more than a few weeks, I know that I clock exactly 20 minutes for 5 rounds.

3) Oil pull atleast once a week.  I would blog about its benefits once I am convinced. I have just done it twice..So too early to comment.

4) Meditate/ Pranayam /EFT. Do have some faith in me when I say will blog about each one of these…

5) Take bath early and do some prayers. Did you read the word ‘early’ ?..

All these things combined would take say 2 hrs which is still earlier than the time that I get up at now. (Are you calculating?? :P). Also, I have made a pinky promise with my “wanna-be-good” inner child that I will follow this for the next 7 days and I really hope I stand by it.

Let the battle begin!



4 responses

  1. Oh Sia, walking up early is the single biggest challenge of my life! All my other goals will powered by this one change. I am working on it too.

    Good luck with your battle!

    1. Thanks Juggler!!

  2. I love my beauty sleep too, and I love to hit that snooze button every morning.

    I sleep more than my kids when they have an off at school, and my hubby goes to office without a cup of tea, almost thrice a week 🙂

    Hope you stick to your plans…….good luck…

    1. Thanks a lot shimmeshine :)..Will keep you posted with my updates 🙂

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