Why I hate IPL!!

I am sure being an Indian, hating IPL  comes as a harsh word. I have been a cricket fan always and have grown up watching Sachin play. But there is something inherently wrong with IPL. I don’t like their Enteratainment, Entertainment  slogan too. IPL is everything but cricket. The cheerleaders, parties, countless sixes all this is just targeted towards  entertainment and I can never agree if someone says they watch it because they love the sport.

I have always been a true fan of the Indian team. I still remember that historic India- Australia Titan cup  match where Srinath and Kumble took us through the victory. The tension, the pressure, the anxiety and finally that excitement is etched in my memory. That Dusshera night I ended up in tears and so did many Indians. The T20 World Cup victory made me shun my shyness and dance on the roads and the recent world cup victory was like a personal achievement to me. But when it comes to IPL I just cant tolerate.

In fact I am still clueless which team do I technically support. Should I support KKR because I am an SRK fan err AC or should I support Mumbai Indians because there’s Sachin in it. Do I back Chennai Super Kings because I am Tamilian or I support Delhi Daredevils cos Delhi is where my home is. Five long years and I am yet to decide which team my heart belongs to. Isn’t it difficult to choose between teams when you have Sachin in one and Dravid in the other? It is !! For me atleast!!

India- Australia rivalry has been formed over years and its a sheer pleasure watching India play and defeat them. How the hell can I then feel happy for Hussey’s DLF Maximum or a Karbon Kamal Catch (weird name) ?? I think IPL is trying to break down all loyalties I had for our team and hence the hate!



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  1. hehe……..I share the same feelings for IPL, in a different way though. I am NOT a cricket fan at all, but I can still say that IPL is a cheap form of cricket, especially with those cheerleaders blowing kisses and shaking their butts to those loud noises in the background……..I believed, it was a gentleman’s game !!

  2. I hate IPL too…….in a different way though. Not a cricket fan at all, but I still can say that IPL has made the game a lot cheaper, with those cheerleaders shaking their butts to those awfully loud sounds in the background. I thought it was a gentleman’s game !!

  3. I hate IPL in another way though. Its ridiculous how they have made it a cheap game with all those cheerleaders blowing kisses and moving their butts at that horribly loud sound in the background !!
    I always thought it was a gentleman’s game ……….

  4. Yea exactly my thoughts!! And these are ladies who least understand cricket..It is insanely funny when they danceto the beat of Dhol and Damru 😀

  5. Haahaa! Its that interesting title – that brought me here.

    You are correct in naming IPL as Entertainment, infact the line between Sports – Entertainment, News & E’tainment – is diminishing. ( INFO-TAINMENT – they call News)

    IPL is losing sheen, mainly due to its commercialisation and too much of Industry involvement. Be it Bollywood or Corporate, their presence is making pure sports- blur out.

    1. Thanks Archi_palego for dropping by..I just cant tell how much I abhored the nonsense in the name of cricket.. I just dint know where to rant about this. Cricket is a lovely sport but here they have made it a business. Everything was pre-decided and everyone made money in the name of entertainment. If “EPL” is what they plan, then less entertainment and more of sports would help..

  6. Well, you are not alone. There are hundreds and thousands like you (and me) who can’t stand the sight of IPL. I’ve been staunchly boycotting IPL for the past 3 years now by not watching even a single game. And I will continue to do that till this debauchery called IPL continues to be shown on TV.

  7. And yes! I’ve been planning to blog about it soon, which is what caught my attention to this blog. So yeah, very soon you might find a similar blog from me. 🙂

    1. Glad to know that we share similar thoughts. Lemme know when you’re done posting..Would love to read someone else rant about it :d

  8. yup sia ..u nailed it ..moreover its a pain to see our players who will be playing together or have in the past as a team, playing against each other in such IPL games..humans afterall..won’t the IPL grudges bounce back somewhere when playing for nation?? I HATE IPL..just another means of earning money and having a glam show…one of the strings which used to bind north,south,east,west is weakning too now.. sad!!!

    1. Hello Katyayani, Thank you so much for dropping by!

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