In An All Men House!!

What does it take to adjust in a house full of men especially when you come from a female dominated family? Who else but me can answer that well now!

Back at home, with me, my mum, sis and granny around my dad had absolutely no say in whatsoever. Everything ranging from the wall colors to kitchen menu was estrogen dependent. Celebrations would never clash with our PMS days and our outdoor trips would be well calculated. Hum Aapke Hai Kaun had a precedence over any sports even if it was screened for the n’th time. Every second Sunday was booked for our beauty treatment which would mean my dad had to plan something outside of home..Bedroom walls necessarily had to be pink-magenta combination because it was a unanimous decision. Being a head of the family my dad had to decide if we were buying a Anarkali or Patiyala for Diwali, jeans or skirts for Birthday. We were least bothered if he was interested. All we knew was that it was his duty to accompany us in all our shopping spree and if thats’s not enough he had to even give his opinions on the colour, the fabric and the design..

When I got married this thought dint  flash even for a second. After all when you get married to the love of your life you least think of other things. And so I din’t !! It was later  I realised that I landed myself into a land of men. DH, Brother-in-law, Father-in-law and a whole bunch of male cousins!! Now I know what it means to be in a house full of men..Wall colours can be anything other than pink, lavendar, red and orange..In short you have only 2 options – Blue or Green!! IPL and Football rule your TV sets come what may!! PMS would mean you’re a moody person!! Shopping comes with an end time! Kinect is better than a movie and Dance Central in Kinect is a total No-no!!

With these drastic changes in life, the respect I have for my dad has grown manifold. Dad,I know what you went through for I stand on your shoes now!!


4 responses

  1. Nice one !! You start watching sports channels now and forget shopping, coz they label it as wastage of money and time……..:)

  2. Yea exactly!! I am slowly coming terms with this..

  3. ha ha 🙂 good one. You are holding up well as a lone warrior.

    1. Oh yes, very much a lone warrior..Well, no choice!

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