Beat the Heat!

From past few days Delhi has been sizzling in scorching heat with the mercury level touching almost 47 degrees celcius. Even  the intermittent hide ‘n’ seek that the clouds play provide no relief. The summer tan just refuses to budge. The heat waves or Loo as you call them blow so bad on you that you just don’t feel like stepping out of the house. Adding to misery is the frequent power cuts and water shortage.

When I was humming ” Give me Sunshine” this  January, I seldom knew that the sunshine here would be this bad. Delhi indeed is the city of extremes. Its either too hot or too cold!

So, here are  my top 7  picks to Beat the Heat and Stay Cool this Summer!

1)Water Staying hydrated is the most important thing during summers. Although it is customary to drink atleast 2 L of water daily, the need increases with amount of physical activity and the amount you sweat out. So drink as much water as you can but just make sure there is a loo in the vicinity 😉

2) Fluids/Juices

If you’re reckless about your fluid needs like me and need a constant push from someone to finish a bottle of water then juices can be your saviour. The ever popular Nimbu-paani, tender coconut water or the Aam panna can be your safest bets. I always stock Raw mangoes and make it a point to drink Aam panna often. Besides they are very easy to make too :).. Although I remember drinking Sugarcane juices during my childhood, the recent incidents and the hygiene factors force me to stay away from them.

3) Salads

Make some fresh salad for yourself with cool cucumber, crunchy carrots and Tangy tomatoes. I usually temper my cucumber salad with mustard and sesame seeds with a dash of lime and it just tastes yummy.


Sunglasses are a must-haves to beat the  dry heat  of Delhi. I absolutely love my Oriflame Voyage Sunglasses. They are stylish and very safe for my eyes.( Tried and tested). Sunglasses help the eyes from getting dry and if bought right, it can add up to your style quotient.

5)Cool Shower

Do I need to tell you what a cold shower can do to your body on an extremely hot day? Some things are better experienced than said! If you don’t know how it feels, I insist you rush to your bathroom NOW and stand beneath your shower..Bliss!


Come Summer and I just cant wait to take that hair out of my neck and face. I just pull up my hair up in the high and wrap it up with a matching band. Aahh! Can’t explain the comfort! Google up for some nice ponytail hairstyle and if done correctly on dry hair they can be absolutely fabulous.

7) Sunscreen

Never forget to carry your sunscreen when you are out in the hot sun. The Lakme Sun-expert which I use, claims to offer UV protection and is enriched with cucumber and lemon grass. It is an SPF 24 and is fairly suitable for all skin types. I haven’t tried too many products and hence cannot claim that this is the best. Its been working well till now. Why don’t you just give it a try?

And Finally if everything else fails , pack your bags and head towards any nearest hill-station. Delhi is so strategically placed that all you need is just the motivation to get, set and go. There is a breathtaking beauty awaiting at every direction.



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  1. nothing as refreshing as a cool shower!!

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