Penne, Fusilli and Spaghetti!

Of all cuisines that I have tried till now, Italian stands out for all good reasons. I am a big fan of Pastas and more importantly the extensive use of herbs in them. I just love the creaminess melting into my mouth.

Here are my top picks for Pasta Eating.

Chef’s Alcove, Indore :  I owe my love for Italian food to this place. If you love food and don’t mind going that extra mile in search of new places then this is your safest bet! Its located somewhere in the outskirts of Indore near the IIM. Its a small scale restaurant and is owned by an ex-Chef in their family home. The moment I stepped in, I had this ‘Feel-At-Home kind’ of feeling. Its a small cozy place with chairs and tables spread out in the garden. When I tasted their Pasta, I instantly fell in love with it and there sttarted my Love-For-Pasta journey. I am not sure about the bill since I was on the receiving end of the treat but I am sure it must have been nominal.

Little Italy, Hyderabad: My memories of Hyderabad are always intertwined with the food including a lot first-timers, courtesy Dh and his friends. Little Italy showed what the authentic Italian food tastes like ..  Everything ranging from their Bruschettas, Wood burn Pizzas and Pastas had the authentic Italian taste.  This place has the food to die for and a perfect ambience to match..It can be a little pricey for your pockets though! It is  located at Jubilee Hills near Apollo hospitals. I recently heard that they have opened a branch in Hi-tech City too. If you belong to Hyderabad and do not mind an occasional fine dining experience this one’s the best place for you to try..

Over the Flames, Hyderabad: This is again a a very small restaurant in Gachibowli. It is a small outlet in the basement area and I think they opened less than a  couple of years back. We were among the first few customers of OTF and the loyal ones too. The owner again is a nice man who is really passionate about Italian food. The ambience is not that good but the taste and service evens out. The price is very nominal and when you walk out of this place you’ll be thoroughly satisfied because of its a total value for your money.

My tryst with pasta did not stop with Hyderabad. When i moved to Delhi I started hunting for good Italian restaurants in Delhi/NCR.

Spaghetti Kitchen: Its a chic place with decent Italian food. I have only gone there once and that too the one in Gurgaon. Have to check out their Saket outlet. The food was decent but way too pricey for me. I wouldn’t mind shelling out that kind of money occasionally but I would preferred if their service was better. But these guys definitely knew how to compensate for their poor service and they gave us an extra garlic bread basket. To sum it up this place does serve good Italian stuff and is definitely worth trying.

Flaming Mustard, Vasant Kunj: This is one place I would want to go back..again and again. Its a quiet multi-cuisine restaurant in Vasant Kunj and I might have crossed this place a zillion times. But it was yesterday that we really ventured out to this place. Although this place offers variety of cuisines we decided to stick to Italian fare. Their cream of mushroom soup is the best I have had till now. And their pastas are to die for..The enriching flavor and the aroma are absolutely delicious..And they are really generous with the usage of exotic veggies and cream. the desert options were limited but their Date pancakes were absolute yumm!

With so many dining options, my love for food and lack of exercise I am sure I’ll put on atleast 10 Kgs by next year 😛

Increasingly Yours,


Image Credits :  Hello Delicious


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