Discover Phuket – A Shower Gel from Oriflame

When I opened  the new bottle of Discover Phuket shower gel , my memories were transported back to our honeymoon in Kerala. My mum gave me this as a part of the cosmetic must- haves during my wedding. She felt it was the right thing to carry this instead of the soap box which she claimed was out-dated and too clumsy to handle. It was a mere gift till I started using it and absolutely loved it! The hot bubble bath  in those swanky bathtubs in the resort with the fresh lemony Phuket shower gel made the experience a memorable one. Soon, the bottle got over and I never got a chance to buy it.


Last month when me and Dh discussed about our days and times in Kerala, this pretty green bottle and its mesmerizing smell flashed in my mind. I instantly ordered it from my mum who is an Oriflame consultant. I started using it and have fallen in love with its smell, again!. Now that I have a blog where I have the luxury to scribble whatever I want, I thought I ‘ll review it.

While I believe that soaps, shower gels, perfumes etc are a matter of personal choice here are my top 3 reasons one should buy or not buy this product.

3 Reasons You Should Go For It : 

  • Its truly exotic and smells awesome. I love the lemony smell and it gives a fresh feeling when you step out of the bath.
  • You only need a little bit of it as it lathers well.
  • It comes in a very handy pack with a tight lid and you can carry it everywhere.

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Go For It :

  • Price!  For Rs.269 its a little too steep especially when you have similar shower gels available for less than 150 bucks in the market. I bought this when it was on offer and I also got the consultant discount from my mum. It still worked out  more than what I usually spend on shower gels but for the experience you get in return its totally worth it!!
  • Since its an Oriflame product, its not available in the market. But if you think you have fallen in love with this on the first sight, you can reach out to me or my mum any time 😉. If you belong to a bunch of people who doesn’t like changing their brand of cosmetics too often then availability of this product could be your problem area. (I’m not sure if they have this available in their catalogues every month)
  • It has Sodium Laureate Sulphate!! I was totally disappointed when I found that out. I have been skeptical about  the usage of SLS in cosmetics but Oriflame once upon a time claimed that their products were SLS free. Guess they have changed their mind :(. Since I don’t use this on my face my panic alarm is still intact. But if you’re someone who doesn’t believe in pampering your face with a special soap or face wash then this must be an issue for you.

So Here’s my Rating:

Product Satisfaction : 4/5

Value for money: 3/5

Availability: 3.5/5

Overall rating-3.5/5

And yes I would buy it again if I continue to get discounts from my mum ;).  But I really hope that Oriflame comes up with a substitute for SLS in this product.



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