Life’s Little Joys – A Birthday wish!

Few years back when the clock struck 11.55 in the night on 23rd June my phones would start ringing. And the next 2 hours would be spent thanking, smiling, laughing and catching up with people close to my heart. The joy of getting a phone call on your birthday is unparalleled!

Although I don’t regret the advent of internet and social media I surely miss those small joys which are now long forgotten. When I was a kid people would send me cards and letters on my birthday. I remember how a greeting would make me smile when I would sit and cry about my birthday falling during the summer vacations. I still remember a card that my dad sent me when I was vacationing at my grandmother’s house. It read

Wherever you go,

Whatever you do,

On this birthday

May all your wishes turn true.

20 years down the line this message still holds a special place in my heart. Although it was a pre-printed message I am sure my dad meant each and every word of it.

Emails changed all of that. It sure did cater to urgency but hardly had the emotional tinge to it. Birthday cards, emails, phones calls have now become obsolete. It’s an era of Facebook and Twitter.

Do I regret?

When I came back from a long drive on my birthday this year the first thing I did was check notifications on my Facebook Page and thanked each and everyone of them. It certainly felt good to see over hundreds of birthday wishes which sure would not have been possible without the reminder from Facebook informing my far away friends and acquaintances that “Hey!! Its her birthday”..And I am really thankful that they spared those valuable 2 minutes to wish me even if it was something as small as  ‘HB 2 U’.

With all of the technology available, I no longer receive any handwritten cards, nor do I receive as many phone calls as I used to. Even I don’t get around to writing or calling often despite my love to surprise people. Yet,  it is the technology that has made it possible to keep in touch in this fast paced world. It would have been impossible for hundreds of people to wish me if it was not for the easy access to internet and the constant notifications.

So my answer to whether I regret the technology advancement is “No!”. But I most definitely miss those small joys I would enjoy when someone called me to wish at midnight. I miss telling my friends what gifts I got and what plans my family has made for me on my birthday. These little joys of life I would cherish forever.

Some people called despite having an easier option of posting a message on Facebook. And this gesture of theirs definitely outweighs hundreds of wishes online.

Although hundreds of wishes onFacebook do make you feel good, its the personal touch of a call that makes you feel special!



2 responses

  1. I always loved to receive Birthday cards, I still have a couple of them in my closet, they are so rare and special !!

    1. Hey Shimmeshine, Even I have few of them as keepsakes. I just love to read them when I feel lonely.Brings back sweet memories!

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