And here comes the rain..

Weather in Delhi has suddenly become so beautiful. There is enough sunlight to keep my mood light and sufficient clouds to make the day pleasant. In this perfect romantic setting , all I want is a day off, so that I go on a longgg drive with Dh. Visit the Taj in Agra, have hot Parathas and a cup of tea in a roadside Dhaba.

Ahh, this greedy mind! It just wants more and more and the list is endless! I wish there was a genie at my command, I can shut the office, declare it a holiday and go on a road-trip to the Taj..

Alas! Neither do I have a genie nor a romantic ( Not when he is working in office) husband  who would rush home after reading this 😉

So for now,I am enjoying the beautiful weather outside, sipping  ginger-honey tea and immersing myself in this bliss as long as it lasts!

And here’s what I feel right at this moment

Darkness clouds the sky,
And Lightning blinds the eye,
Thunders roar quietly,
And make the weather lovely.

The smell of sand,
The dew on leaves,
The dance of the peacock,
And sound of the buzzing bee.

The beauty of nature,
Is a marvellous thing,
For some, happiness it brings
While for others, sadness clings!

I run to my window,
To watch a private show,
The sight of drizzling rain,
Washing away Summer’s pain.

I ought to feel happy,
And blessed, as I say,
Here comes the rain,
On a perfect July day!

~ Sia ~

2 responses

  1. Lovely lines you have written 🙂
    The first rains do have a very magical effect 🙂 And I love long drive in the rains too 🙂

    1. Thanks a bunch lifeslong 🙂

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