A Tale of Two Ladies – Reality Check!

Have you come across any incidents that have given you a reality check?

Well, these two did to me..


Tale 1: Friday

Sabina is my maid Janika’s sister and she has come from West Bengal to spend time with her mother and sisters. She is also filling up Janika’s position while she is vacationing in Malda. Sabina had complained of dizziness, blurred vision and headaches on Friday and I was really concerned about that. I even offered to take her to a hospital but she couldn’t afford to take leave, so refused.

Today, I asked her if she showed up at any clinic and her reply was,

“If I tell my mother she will shout at me for falling sick. She would ask me to go to my husband and then consult a doctor”.

If husband comes to know he will kill me, I have already fallen sick twice in 7 years and I remember how he had threatened to kill me instead of taking me to a doctor and spending unnecessary money on medicine”.

Tale 2: Sunday

When I wanted to have Pulpy Orange at Dominoes Pizza and actually created a scene because they don’t sell it there, Dh offered to take me to McDonalds and buy one (Oh! I can be a child at times) . There was a lady standing ahead of me in the queue. She definitely looked like someone who was new to McDonalds or for that matter even the mall culture. She asked her husband what he wanted to eat. Poor guy was clueless as he did not know even one item in the menu. He tried to read what was there but left the choice to her and handed his wallet to her. She initially ordered Mc Flurry and McAlooTikki two of each and asked for the total bill. The lady on the counter said it was 75 Rs. She cut down one Aloo Tikki from the order, handed a 50 Rs note and left the place, smiling.


I was on my usual cribbing mood yesterday. Dh came home early so that he could give me company and make my mood lighter.  His small gesture made me really happy and it dawned on me that these are after all AHA moments, in their own special way.

It hit me hard, real hard this time! Here, I keep cribbing and complaining all the time about things that do not have and actually overlook what I already do!

Okay, there are certain ups and downs health wise. But I atleast  have a family who rushes to help me when I am sick, a good paying job which can afford the best doctor in town and an understanding husband.

Okay, I din’t honeymoon in Venice or vacation in Switzerland, atleast I din’t have to cancel our food orders ever because we fell short of money. Post marriage, I hardly ever even see the price tag 😛

It actually felt like these incidents hit me hard on my butt and told me “Hey be thankful for what you have”..

So, I have decided to read and  follow The Magic by Rhonda Bryne for the next one month..Lets see how it goes..If I leave it mid-way , I will atleast not crib this time 😉

P.S – I haven’t reached a level where I feel I should be thankful for the air, food and shelter while thousands of people in India are without one. I feel these are probably the fruits of my previous birth and good karma. May be I wasn’t all that bad!



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