Its almost an year and I had succeeded in avoiding this.

I have had a fairly clean bill since I moved to Delhi. Probably because I was conscious about not falling sick. This time, however, it managed..

So it all started like this.. Dh and his bro wanted to watch “The Dark Knight Rises” and I did not! I haven’t watched any of its prequels and it din’t  make sense for me to watch this one. I decided to pamper myself in a spa while they spent their time in the theatre. When I saw that one of those swanky Salons in E.Delhi has some discounts running I grabbed the opportunity and decided to give it a try.With 3 people attending , doing a pedicure, manicure and hair spa, I felt like a QUEEN.

However, the waxing and the over- massaging has started to show its true colours. I have puss filled boils on my right hand and legs. And I have fever since yesterday. Then, there’s a big problem with the transformer and the power cut in Gurgaon is unbelievable..And I can tell you that its a crime to not sleep after popping a paracetamol. I took one yesterday and had not been able to sleep because of the power cut. I feel really tired now. So much that I could hardly fix up breakfast for Dh. I have been on bed for 14 hours straight and just don’t feel like waking up.

I wish all of these was not happening at the same time!

On a positive note, I am seriously contemplating on buying epilators. You can never trust the parlours on their basic hygiene.  And the Dark Knight does seem like a good movie. Dh has been going gaga over it and my Fb wall is full of praises for some Nolan guy. Am I the only one who hasn’t watched the movie?

If so, let the Dark Knight Begin 🙂



9 responses

  1. awww… sad that you are sick. Hope you feel better soon…

    1. Thanks Juggler..Falling sick on a rainy day can get very depressing. I hope I become alright soon!

  2. It was a good movie my queen! Next time, stick with the king and you will have a good time… 😉

    1. Hahaha :).. Even I think so!

  3. Nolan guy! 🙂
    he, he
    Hope you’re feeling better.

    1. Thanks Vimal 🙂 I am much better now! And I am sure you laughing out loud on my ignorance about Nolan:) ..I have decided to watch the Dark Knight series 😀

      1. yeah, he’s very pop.
        but sd about that shooting in the US during the screening of this latest one.

      2. Yes Sad indeed! There are psychos everywhere!

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