Cocktail – A Movie Review

There are movies which you look forward to right when they start screening the first promos on TV. Cocktail was one such movie which I was dying to watch ever since I saw Tum Hi ho Bandu first time. I thought it would give me a much needed break from all the serious movies that I had seen recently.

However, there are also movies which you sit through and think WHY? And repent when you realize that you’ve wasted your hard earned money on it. Sadly, Cocktail was one such movie too!

While the first half of the movie is saucy the second is really mundane and boring. There isn’t much to discuss about the story. It’s a complete no-brainer and loosely planned. A Delhi girl Meera (Diana Penty) finds herself cheated and stranded when she comes to London to be with her newlywed husband Kunal (Randeep Hooda). She stumbles upon a ‘rich’ party girl Veronica (Deepika Padukone) at a rest room and decides to hang out with her! And they happen to land upon Gautam (Saif Ali Khan), a big time flirt who tries to pursue any and every girl in sight. Between his no-commitment-only-S** relation with Veronica, he suddenly finds that he is in love with Meera and she also gathers up similar feelings. And there begins the worst love-triangle which refuses to end at all.

All in all, it’s crappy piece of work and a total time-waste.

Saif Ali Khan does what he is best at – Flirting! And damn, he looks so old! Time for Bebo to think about their wedding ..The event  would otherwise look like Saif’s Sashtiapthapoorthi 😉 .. Deepika Padukone was happy flouting her bikini-figure but her emotional scenes in the second half were intolerable. She definitely needs to hone her acting skills. Diana Penty gets a good debut. She looks comfortable in underplaying her part with a charming screen presence. With very little to deliver it was pleasant to watch her shy, cry, smile etc. Yea, she was much better than Nargis Fakhri.  Boman  Irani and Dimple Kapadia although unnecessary in the plot did their bit well.

The stunning beaches in Cape Town, discos in London and the high street fashion were not enough to keep up the Cocktail high. The music is good with some ear catchy numbers like Tum Hi Ho bandu and Jugni (Yes, the Coke Studio number!!).

My overall verdict:  Stick  to the music. The movie is not worth the hype.

Rating: 1 or 1.5/ 5

Would I watch it again: Never! Oh God Save me!

Sashtiapthapoorthi –  Also known as ‘Sashti Poorthi’ is a Hindu ceremony that is celebrated to commemorate the 60th birthday of a person.

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2 responses

  1. Saw an ad in the paper today and was wondering if a friend who had said it was a waste was right.
    Am sure now.
    Saif… ha, ha 🙂

  2. 🙂 You must watch the movie 😉

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