Tragic TN Express Fire..

When a tragedy strikes at a familiar place , it just seem all the more personal. To me, it did today! When I woke up today morning and read about the fire in the S11 coach of Chennai bound Tamil Nadu express, I was shocked. Shocked because TN express has been like a family train for ages. Almost everyone in my family and my extended family travel in TN express, so much so, that our family could think of buying a permanent place in the train! Might as well save the time and energy spent on Tatkal bookings.

So the news that the whole compartment was charred in the fire and 40 people died came as a shock to me. My mama was supposed to be travelling in the same train. I called up Appa to find out if he is safe as I thought S11 was the Nagpur quota. Fortunately, he is travelling today. *Sigh of Relief*

When the Mangalore crash happened I would argue infinitely with people about how unsafe Flight travels are! I always thought, in trains you atleast had an option to jump out. Imagine jumping out of the flight’s emergency window 10,000 feet above because there’s a short circuit inside ??  However, when I read that the fire engulfed the whole compartment within 15 seconds and people could barely get out of their seats , I realized that when it comes to destiny it really doesn’t matter. If you had to die, you will die anyway and if you were destined to live no matter what- you will survive!

My heart reaches out to folks and families of people who lost their lives. It was really a  freak and unfortunate accident. May God give them the courage to cope up with the grief.

The open question however, is

Where is our Railway Mantri?

Accidents happen, People Die, Compensation declared!

What next?

Will giving 5 lakhs to deceased’s family solve the problems?

Will 1 lakh rupees that the Govt has promised to pay the injured erase the nightmare they went through?

When the Rail budget declared an increase in prices, I was hoping it would do some good and ensure a safe travel experience.

Mantriji – We don’t mind paying if  the extra penny being paid is spent wisely!

It’s time we had the accounts for all the taxes that we pay. After all, it’s our hard-earned money and we-most-definitely-do-not-want it to be spent on You-Know-Who’s foreign visits, expensive cars or expensive sherwanis.


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