…And this why I want to run away from India!

Before you judge me based on the title, let me present my side of the argument..

A lot of times I have told Dh and my family about running out of India and settle somewhere abroad. But never did I mention about my actual fears. These days the newspaper is full of accidents, rapes, molestations, female foeticide.  I saw the alarming rape statistics in India, particularly Delhi which worries me about the situation of women here. If a women is hurt it is more likely a sexual assault, an accident, a dowry case or a suicide.

In Delhi, even if you are sexually assaulted it will be most likely by a guy from a well do family. And if you tried to resist or raise an alarm, he would either turn the case against you with the help of his political dad or the media would blame you in some way or the other for inviting this onto to you. The accused could even be a guy you confronted over for some matter, a friend, an acquaintance you had a disagreement with, who now wants to take a revenge.

A rich guy in his spanking new BMW would come and hit you mercilessly. Just because he wanted to flaunt his 150 kmph car , your whole family would be shattered for no mistake of yours. When you seek out for justice what do you get in return? Nothing! The criminal lawyer would fabricate the case so much that in the end anyway, its the rich who manages to escape. And the victim’s family, drowned in grief, would finally succumb to these pressures.

I read about a particular murder case in a not-so-big-city in India and the beautiful way it was cracked. This makes my notion of “big cities are unsafe” stronger. Not only for the obvious reasons ofcourse but because here even if  you try to reach out to the police the chances of getting protection or getting the justice is minuscule if the person involved is from a high 😉 society. I think in smaller cities, with lesser influence, the judicial systems are much stronger. In big cities, they are just puppets.

Now you may ask me “Are these things not there abroad?” Ofcourse they are! But they atleast have a great judicial system that takes rapes and assaults very seriously.  You can be sure that justice would be served. Forget racism for a while and give it a thought. I’m sure you would agree!

Dh says that Indian law is really foolproof and our constitution is well thought out. May be it is! But in Delhi things are much difference. I have been closely following some cases and in all of them there is a whole lot of political influence and the case now is fabricated to an extent that justice I am sure will not prevail…And this is why I want to run away from India!

P.S :- This sudden bout of disappointment and anger is after reading the updates on the Kshama Chopra accident case that happened in Gurgaon. The accused didn’t have a proper license and was driving at more than 100 Kmph. He hit, he killed. he ran and he hid..This case despite being so straightforward is being postponed so much and in the end I’m sure the court would set him free and ask him to pay a few lakhs which  would be peanuts for him. At this rate, I can’t imagine our police cracking  “Criminal Minds” like cases ;)..Or do they?

What do you say?



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  1. Your blog reads hope. Yet you are failing at it. Escaping a system is a solution for sure, but then if everyone escapes who will fix the place?

    1. Yes Ankur and that is the irony :(.. I know escaping from a problem is not a way out but do you really think we can fix this mess?
      When it comes to my life I push myself to optimism. But some recent events has made me a pessimist. I have lost faith in our judicial system. Having said that, I really do HOPE for some change to happen!

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