When you Work From Home..

When I made the transition from a full time day job to a work from home option I hardly knew I would come across so many challenges unexpectedly. When I decided to take a plunge into it I had tons of benefits in mind. I knew I had the greatest opportunity in hand. Especially in a place like NCR where public transport can be a huge menace this opportunity came as a blessing in disguise. However, when it actually started I stumbled. 😦 Suddenly this opportunity which initially looked like an advantage posed many concerns.

After much research and talking with friends I decided to form a strategy. A strategy that would help in minimising the issues while working from home. Something that would make me more productive and make this whole experience of working from home enjoyable.

Time Management:

The first challenge that I faced is time management. While working from home I often found it impossible to separate my personal and professional life. When I was loaded with work I would drown myself so much into it that I skipped cooking, eating or any other distractions. On days when I was relatively free, I got engrossed in the kitchen or blogging to such an extent that I missed out on some emails or things that needed my attention. I found that my productivity in both areas was getting affected.

One more thing that I found was,  when I worked from home, my family thought that I magically had all the free time in the world. And I found myself spending too much time fulfilling expectations of friends and family.

That is when I decided to have a work routine. I set a time and informed the same to my colleagues. I started finishing my work during my work hours and tried not to procrastinate. I made it clear to my family that I still have as much of a workload as I used to when I was working on my day job. A few changes here and there, I can now see that I can do much more than what I used to and I am only getting better at it.

Cutting out those distractions:

This one has been a huge block for me. While I am not much of a TV lover, I found that ever since I started to work from home I have been tempted to watch a lot more of television than I used to. Especially since I love talking to people and being in groups, the silence in the room disrupted me. I like the sound of TV buzzing all the time.

But there are times when I needed to be focussed and TV became a huge distraction. I started waiting endlessly for Ram to meet Priya in Bade Ache Lagte Hai or many such bizarre incidents the reel life.

I have now decided to have a home office for myself where I have my laptop plugged in and files neatly arranged. The plan is to have it in a place that is comfortable but not too cosy which means bedroom is a strict NO. This is something that I am currently working on. Although it requires certain investment, long term, I am sure I wouldn’t regret making it.

Be in touch with people:

One of the huge losses of working from home is that you are cut out from the outside world. You are totally off the network. During those initial days I totally lost touch with my ex-colleagues and my friends. When days passed I suddenly felt so lonely and depressed. I did not have people to talk to. I hardly ever knew what was happening in the industry. Then I thought I needed to network. I started calling people, spoke to them about their work profiles, and told them about mine. They gave me tips on working more effectively, boosted my morale. Now, I am back with a new found confidence. 🙂

These are some changes that have helped me and my whole experience of working from home rewarding. And when I weigh my benefits against the problems, I can now see the balance tilting towards benefits. 🙂

~All my friends who work from home –

How do you manage to do it effectively?

What do you do to increase the productivity?



4 responses

  1. That is sound strategy! Great to hear that you are able to balance both home and work well.

    1. Thanks Juggler 🙂

  2. It requires tremendous discipline to work from home. I win some, lose some. Though mine is not regular office work, writing and editing is hard when you work from home, since when the muse strikes the cooker might be whistling. It is slightly easier when someone is running your home, but harder when you have to do both. All the best 🙂

    1. Zephyr – Thank you so much for dropping by..
      I can totally relate to the cooker whistles.. Life could have been so much easier if someone (read Men ;))took charge of the house..

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