When you work with your Spouse..

“Nidhi, Kya tumhe pata nahi ki jab pati patni ek jagah kaam karte hai to musibat kabhi na kabhi aa jati hai? (Nidhi don’t you know that if husband and wife work together, the problem is bound to happen)”, Dadi Bua snapped at Nidhi when she heard that Dr.Ashutosh promoted Nidhi as an intern in Koutnis Hospitals.

Confused? Err..Din’t I mention about my recent obsession with Hindi serials for various reasons here and how I am planning to cut down and improve here. Anyways the dialogue quoted is from Kuch to Log Kahenge which despite being non-Ekta Kapoor “K” stuff is still a crappy piece of work! Having said that, Ekta Kapoor has improved a lot with experience. Her recent soap Bade Acche Lagte Hai is much different from her usual crap. She finally delivers something good to watch after 10 long years in the industry. BAHL definitely calls for a review. Will do one soon!

Anyways the topic of discussion is not Ekta Kapoor or Hindi soaps. It is ” Can husband and Wife co-work in the same organisation, in the same team?”.

I know this has been a topic of discussion for a long time and no one has ever reached a logical conclusion. I have diverse opinions on this matter. I have spoken about this at large and have gotten some mixed responses. Although a lot of organisations prohibit  spouses working together, my previous organisation and for that matter, even my current one does not have any such stated policy. However, I think it is not a very good idea. And I have some very strong reasons behind it.

  • I have always believed that even the happiest of couples can have their share of disagreements especially when it comes to work.
  • While in a relationship you’re meant to care and share, in work you’ve got to be competitive at times. Besides, I feel things can get nasty if the person you’re competing with is your spouse.
  • One has to realise that you will see each other day in and day out.
  • Being in the same team could also mean having common friends. Now, c’mon don’t you think that sometimes ranting to a friend helps, when you’re peeved at your husband? You might actually lose out on that fun if your spouse is your co-worker.
  • There are chances that you would tend to mix work and home. You could carry work to home and vice-versa,  screwing both personal and professional life.
  • Sometimes things can get really awkward if one has to report to the other. Although, organisations do ensure they do not encourage this to avoid unfairness.
  • Staying in the same company would mean putting all of your eggs in the same basket,which might not be a very good idea during an economic downturn.

However, having worked for almost 5 years in corporate world I have a slightly different opinion now. I have started to feel that it’s not that bad an idea afterall ! And here’s why I say so:-

  • When husband and wife work in the same firm, they might get to travel together. The time that would otherwise have been spent on travelling could be an opportunity for them to spend time together. Imagine the amount of money that could be saved in toll tax, commuting expenses by travelling together especially in a place like Delhi ;).
  • Firms these days are so considerate that if one person gets a transfer, the spouse does not have to worry. It’s almost a said rule everywhere that the spouse automatically gets a transfer.
  • I have seen cases where when one goes onsite, the firms actually go out of the way to send the other one too.
  • There are lots of incentives that people get when they marry within the company. From an HR point of view, as a couple they are more loyal when they work for the same firm.
  • I have also seen cases where  if one person is good, the other easily free-rides. Oh yes, I am serious! In my previous organisation I have seen some pathetic people go onsite because their spouse was brilliant and the company could not afford to lose an intelligent person.

So, the point I am trying to convey is that there are both pros and cons when you work with your spouse. The intelligent thing to do according to me would be to draw a line and make sure that both understand that no work is worth screwing the relationship. Sit together and discuss how to make things work for good and stick to it, no matter what!

And if you ask me, my choice is obvious. To me, the relief I can see on Dh’s face if I hug him when he comes home tired is priceless. On days when I am too busy, the simple Maggi that he cooks for me is much better than the countless lunches we would have had together if we worked in the same firm. I would  love to wait for him at the end of the day rather than spending 24-hours with him every day!

What do you have to say about this?

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11 responses

  1. Ah interesting….well I have the same thoughts, wasn’t too crazy about the idea of couples working together as I felt it leads to more unhealthy conflicts, but again it is also a true test of your relationship, if you are in a secure relationship built on mutual trust and respect, should such things really matter? There is no yes/no answer to that…we are all humans after all and when two people share their lives together conflicts are not unavoidable. As you’ve aptly pointed out when personal relationships are involved at work it is very difficult to stay objective, sure there are many perks couples enjoy like commuting together to/fro office or travelling abroad together(mixing business with pleasure), but I don’t think the equation will be healthy for long when both of them are working in the same team. I remember, once a couple joined my account together, however my manager consciously made them work for different project/teams within our a/c always. I think tat is a good alternative cos then you dont have to worry abt losing objectivity or get in the middle of team conflicts and still enjoy sharing 3 meals everyday 😀

    1. Hey Revathy,
      Thanks for the comment. I agree that working in a different team could be a good option.
      And about your idea of sharing 3 meals – 🙂

  2. Hey Vidya, you’re back!! Nice to read “When you work with your spouse”. Yeah as you said there are pros and cons about it. My choice is not to work together 🙂

    1. Hey Narmada,
      Thanks for dropping by and for the comment!

  3. nice Post… I think its very good idea … my choice is obvious to work together.

    1. Thanks SonaLee for dropping by 🙂

  4. Interesting take. I think not being in same office is what would be my choice because seeing your spouse 24*7 is a bit too much. 🙂

    1. And as the saying goes too much of anything isn’t good in the long run..:)

  5. I am not sure how it works with couples in a corporate field, but I’ve worked under a doctor couple and once when the entire team was chattering about sports, politics, movies, dating, etc on a Team Movie outing, the couple was busy discussing which patient owes how much money, what procedures needed to be done the following day and what material needed to be procured. I understand their professionalism but to me, I value my personal life better.

    And since I could get a wife who worked in a corporate world, it was fun sharing anecdotes from each others’ workspheres! Me talking about nut patients and she about nutcase job applicants!

    1. Exactly what I meant.. When you work in the same office you tend to fill up your personal space with work and other professional matters..
      Doctor-Engineer should be a fun combo..I can imagine the myriad of topics and incidents to discuss about.. 🙂

      1. Actually its a lot funnier, coz she’s not an engineer but in HR!

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