Mad Over Ads..

When executing advertising, it’s best to think of yourself as an uninvited guest in the living room of a prospect who has the magical power to make you disappear instantly.”
-John O’Toole

Humara Bajaj , Humara Bajaj…

Mharo Ghar Angna na Bhoola Na…

I have always been a keen observer of Ads. I still remember those days when a La la la la la (Lyril Ad) with models under a water fall would bring the much needed freshness even when you’re dull and dreary.

The screechy sound of Jaleeebii in the Dhara Ad where a small and cute kid is lured by the postman is by far the cutest Ad of all times.

There was a time when  me and my sister would run to have a glimpse of the Poori  toppling over the table in the Healthy Oil for Healthy People Sundrop Ad.

I have grown up watching the evergreen Diary Milk Ads.

I have dreamt about the day when I would have to tell my Dad about my future husband the way Amrita Rao does in the Bru Ad.

These were times when I loved the Ads more than the actual programs.

Then came the era of Smart Advertising. Remember the Mentos Ad. These Ads left me in awe of the Ad makers.

The point I am trying to make it is that whether you like it or loathe it, advertisements play an integral role in a products marketing and sales. And you don’t need a strong mathematical brain to realize the revenue they generate.

So, it really irks me when I see some really crappy Ads like the un-ending Axe effect ones or the recent SRK (ONN hain to DON hai)  Baniyan Ad. With so many creative brains around, it really feels sad to see companies capitalizing on women to promote their products.  Smart Ads always gives me a high! However, the instant kick that used to be there before is lacking!

Reason? The Ad Makers seldom tap their creative potential these days. A common perception that has prevailed is that if you have some really hot girls in your Ad, no matter what, you have an audience for it. And the result is that the TV is full of sleazy Ads with semi-naked girls. So much so that you won’t know when it can get embarrassing to watch in front of the family.

One evening when I was idly surfing different channels I came across this really interesting Docomo Ad.

And after a long time I had a hearty laugh watching an Ad. Brilliant is the first word that came to my mind after I saw it 😉

So do you also like Ads? Do they make you laugh, make you nostalgic?

Which one’s your recent Favorite?

P.S :- There is also KBC Mubarak Ho, Ladki Hui Hai Ad which deserves a separate post.



19 responses

  1. Same here Sia, there was a time when I loved ads more than the actual programs 🙂
    U remember, jab mein chota ladka tha, badi shararat karta tha- Bajaj bulbs ad.. and Lijjat papad with the bunny,I still cant get over them !!
    and the current favourite is Cadbury Dairy milk ad- Kiss me, close your eyes, miss me……gross but worth singing 😉

    1. Thanks Shimmeshine :).. Glad to have you back here..Dairy Milks Ads have been my all time favourites 🙂

  2. Oh I love that Jalebi ad…Too Good….Nice post…u reminded me of some ads that I always loved to watch…and the Sundrop ad used to make me get food cravings! 😀

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jaish :).. I am glad the post reminded you of some nice days 🙂 That was the idea! And those fluffy Poories in Sundrop Ad make me hungry every time I watch the Ad

  3. That’s a nice collection.

    1. Thanks Shovnoc. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  4. Ads can be entertaining too if they don’t get on your nerves by their frequency…very well written Sia!
    PS: I like Katreena in that mango drink 🙂

    1. Thanks Amit Sir 🙂
      P.S :- I love those mangoes in the Katrina Slice Ad 😉

  5. Brilliant collection of adverts. I personally love some of the Virgin Mobile ads too. And I also found the concept of Ranbir-stand-up-act for Docomo ads too.

    1. Thaks Vrij 🙂 Docomo has some brilliant ads including the stand-up comedy ones. Its a new concept esp since Stand-up comedies are not very popular yet in India.

  6. yes sia, i also love watching advt more than the actual program.. i always loved the dairy milk advt.. it always had fun thing incorporated.. rest what ever is coming now a days is some times far beyond understanding and irritates too.. i remember the competition advt between the soft drinks naming pepsi as pappi etc etc.. few one liners always catched our hearts like boost is secret of my energy , etc etc..

    1. Thanks Ashreyamom. I totally agree with you. Sometimes there is no relevance to Ad and the product they try to advertise. And I am complan girl 😉

  7. Loved the videos 🙂 I am all nostalgic now…

    1. Thank you so much Akanksha :)..And I am sure you are enjoying your nostalgic trip down the memory lane 🙂

  8. I love ads. I even watch the ads before youtube videos. Conveying so much in less than a minute is a terrific art. BTW, the tata ad was funny…

    Thanks for this wonderful post…:)

    1. Thank you so much Saru 🙂

  9. Yeah I loved ads as a kid! Serial, news movies to samazti nahi thi. Good collection. Docomo mentos ads are cool
    I just hate that these days all these toilet cleaner ads keep popping during meal times. Yuck!

    1. Tell me about it!..I know these toilet cleaners do a good job but they don’t have to show such dirty toilets. I mean there is something called hygiene. Why should people not clean their toilets till some day Hussain comes and does it 😛

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