Mamagoto- Fun with food and people who made it happen!

Dh : “There is no such thing called free lunch”!!

Me: Who says so? I just had one 😉

Well..When I wrote an entry for the JMPE contest, I hardly thought I had a chance to win. In fact, I din’t for a long time know what the winning prize was! With a closely packed schedule on that day, I let my instincts take the lead and wrote the post in one go! When you have a funny situation in mind half the work is already done. So writing that small post was a smooth ride.Still it was a pleasant surprise to me when I won the contest and also a luncheon with Yashodhara and others contest winners at this swanky new South Asian Joint called Mamagoto.

Mamagoto already has its outlets in Delhi and this is their new one  in Gurgaon. This place is centrally located in the Crowne Plaza Area ( Near Bikanerwala, Pind Balluchi) in Sector 29 which boasts of many other  restaurants too. The overall ambience  of this place was a visual treat. I always like places which make use of extensive colors. It livens up the whole environment and mood. And boy! their website always tickles the kid in me 🙂 I love opening their menu options just to play with the graphics. When you walk in to this place, there is a see-through window right near the entrance which gives the whole thing a feel of TV. Next time I go there I’m gonna take a pic from that small window 🙂 The whole concept, the South Asian paintings, graphics everything is commendable.

Coming to the food part. Being a vegetarian  deprived me of tasting a whole lot of options. So I would not be able to give a first-hand information of their Non-veg menu. Although if what I ate was anything to go by I am sure the non-veg would  also have been yummy as well. We met the menu in-charge of the restaurant. She explained a few things about their food , what goes with what etc. I had a Passion fruit and Orange chiller mocktail, Robata Asparagus and Snow peas Salad for starters. I totally enjoyed eating them especially because I had always wanted to eat Asparagus the way they show in Masterchef Australia :P. Starters was a total hit for me and I started craving for the main course. I had stir fried vegetables with burnt garlic and the vegetarian khao suey and one more dish the name of which I don’t know for the main course. I just loved the choice of herbs, the use of peanuts and the perfect blend of noodles and the sauce. The use of burnt onion on top added to the flavours. All in all I was I gorged myself in the food till the tummy was full. For deserts there was coconut ice-cream and what tasted like a hazelnut mouse cake. There was a caramel syrup which tasted heavenly. Even when I write about it now my taste palates lingers back to the food that we had there on Sunday. I am not really sure how much a hole this place would burn in your pockets since Yash was kind enough to sponsor us. However, going by their online menu, a meal for two would be close to 1500 Rs. But believe me its totally worth it!

This post would be incomplete if I don’t mention about the fun we had there. There were about 20 like-minded people and it was absolute fun to meet them all. There were lots of chatters going on here and there so it was decided that we would have a quick round of introductions. We met people from Harper Collins – Karthika and Neha and it was really nice talking to them. The highlight however was Yashodhara. She was a part of all the chit chat going on and was totally down to Earth! She kept shifting places so that she could talk to each and everyone of us. We got a personally signed copy of her book Just Married, Please Excuse as a parting/return gift and I must say that its a brilliant read. ( Will do a detailed review later). The lightning speed at which I finished reading it came as a big surprise for Dh to as well!

To sum it up, it was a nice Sunday spent with some really nice people eating some really really nice food.:)

Here’s my rating for Mamagoto:

Ambience – 5/5

Food 4/5

Price – 3.5- 4/5

And will I go there again ? Ofcourse I will!

P.S:- I do not have any pics from the event. Will update the post in case I get them 🙂


6 responses

  1. Lovely piece, Sia. You write like a seasoned critic. Agree, it was a great experience.

    1. Lovely piece, Sia. You write like a seasoned critic. It was a indeed a great experience.

      1. Thank you so much Harjeet 🙂 Calling you aunty would be a crime since you are so young at heart. It was really nice meeting you.

  2. Thanks, Sia. No, it won’t be a crime, but being on first name terms works best:-)

  3. Thanks Sia 🙂 ! Loved it.

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