Here’s my 51st post! Yaay!!

Yaay..because I never thought I would reach here. Since the  death of my first blog, I had some sort of a mental block when it came to blogging. After around 10-15 posts I would lose all interest in blogging and the blog would eventually die. This happened not once,twice but thrice. So when I came up with this blog I least expected it to continue for this long. :)..Now that it did, there was a reason for me to celebrate :)..And to share the joy and happiness with Dh and S, we went to Rajdhani and literally gorged to glory!

Well updates on the house : We finally found one! Its a nice beautiful apartment and the house is everything I wanted it to be. Me happy :)..The whole process of talking to brokers, looking at various houses, bargaining rent and sorting out things have made both me and Dh exhausted. (Will elaborate more in a separate post)..

Ganesh Chaturthi -? Oh yes, we celebrated the festival and I made Kozhukattai (Modak), Appam, Rice Payasam and Vadas. Dh and S are not too fond of the steamed modaks so I made the crispy fried ones. They turned out  absolutely yummy! I inaugurated the Prestige Apple Cooker ( Fil got me as a house-warming present) and made Rice Payasam in it. Needless to say it was perfect! Appam came out surprisingly well even though  it was my first attempt. And Vadas?…I finally managed to make Vadas with the Hole 🙂 ( Secret tip ?)..So finally the family has a masterchef in making ;).. The Ganesh Pooja part was little funny because we finished all the pooja and realised we forgot to do the naivedhya :P..Did naivedhyam and again did a small aarti..:)

With all the busy schedule we did manage to squeeze some time for Barfi. ( Calls for a Review )..We din’t get any tickets in Gurgaon and drove all the way to Ghaziabad to watch the movie. Crazy me! I liked the movie but it was not very well recieved by others in the family. Dh especially hated it because he dislikes sad movies (Hey, but it wasn’t sad at all!!), and the fact that he drove 50 Kms to watch that :)..

Lots of pending things and pending blog posts! There is so much happening yet there is something  missing. I hope to figure what it is soon !

P.S : S is Dh’s younger brother and my Devar 🙂 There would be many more references of S since he has moved in with us and is very much  a part of our lazy  family 😉



4 responses

  1. Atta girl! that’s the way! Get it off your chest and move on to the next post. You’re quite a cook, I must say.

    1. Thanks Harjeet 🙂

  2. Congrats on crossing the 50 post mark 🙂
    Wow! you traveled 50 km to watch Barfi 🙂 Have heard good reviews about it and planning to watch it too.
    Congrats on the new house 🙂

    1. Thanks Lifesong..
      Barfi is a good one time watch. Let me know how you like it..

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