Finding a house to Moving In- Part 1

It wouldn’t come as a surprise when I tell I  spent the past few weeks frantically searching for a house, endlessly arguing with the brokers until I finally found this beautiful house in Sector 56, Gurgaon (on rent, ofcourse if you thought otherwise ;))..I have written about it here. And I must say the whole thing has been nothing short of an experience. Having a privilege of living in a own house since childhood I was never exposed to the world of house hunting.

The first time I had a chance to experience this was in Hyderabad. I remember how every evening me and Dh would walk the streets of Shilpa Park in Kondapur looking for the To-Let boards since I felt a positive aura in that area and desperately wanted to live there. I felt Shilpa Park was calm, serene and had a huge secluded road where I could go for morning walks. The fact that I never did that once is a different story altogether. So when I saw an Ad on Sulekha for a furnished house which is dirt cheap, I immediately rushed to have a look at the apartment. And Oh Boy! I liked the house even before I stepped in. Why? Because this is what I saw on the first look (Minus the Tanjore Painting). 

The next few hours were spent in talking to the house owner in Bangalore convincing her that we would take the best care of her house , assuring her that being a TamBram we were her safest bet for having a Vegetarian tenant not to forget the hours we spend in the Pooja room 🙂 Needless to say I managed to win the telephonic auction and the whole Hyderabad stint was awesome. Because of its close proximity to Novotel, we had a lot of mid-night buffets, the reason for the evident change in our size and shape 😛

When we came to Gurgaon in June 2011 for the first time, things din’t seem all that rosy. I found this place to be fully dominated by brokers and it really irked me to pay them money for a job which I was capable of doing myself,had it not been for them. After spending a weeks hunting for a house because I was hell bent on not  taking brokers help and services, when the only option left for me was to take a Builder floor home  I pretty much accepted it.  The house that we currently live in is in a beautiful residential locality called Sushant Lok. SL is a huge colony by Ansals, bought and owned by the richmen of maybe 90’s. It is strategically surrounded by Gold Souk Mall which ensures that this area is tightly secured, HUDA City Centre Metro and with a close proximity to beautiful high-rises of Gurgaon near Galleria and MAX Hospitals. This place also has Vyapar Kendra where you can buy almost everything under the Sun. The place near Ansal/Sushant (?) Water Tank houses a lot of Bangladeshi (?) immigrants who have their huts or juggi as they call it. So getting a household help here is not a problem at all. There is Mother Diary, lots of small clinics, Salons and Beauty Parlours and also a Gym and Spa. These are I would say some of the many high points of living in Sushant Lok.

However living in builder floor in Gurgaon can be a real pain if its not a own house. One you need to manage everything ranging from water to power cuts and two since its not your own house it does not make sense to make any huge investments for permanent solutions. For the past 6 months I have spent in this house all the day ( remember I am working from home now?), I have spent a lot of enery fixing up the inverters, cleaning the water tanks, panicking about the sound of the motor or battling the water logging. All of this left me more frustrated than what I was  when travelling in share autos in Gurgaon. (That’s another big story)

It is then that Dh decided to put an end to all my miseries and finally made up his mind to move to an apartment even though this move meant 7k extra in the rent and 50k for miscellaneous expenses.

P.S :- There are some beautiful apartments in Sushant Lok  like Camaroon Court and Connoisseur twin tower which you can give a try if you can afford them. Maple Heights is a good apartement and fits well into the pockets. The houses however are too small for my comfort. Then there is Sushant Apartment which has huge house but has only 80% power backup.

As always – Drop me an email at sia dot sakhi at gmail dot com in case you need any information about Sushant Lok or in and around areas. I would be glad to help!

House-hunting Part 2 To be Contd..



4 responses

  1. House hunting turning out to be wonderful, isn’t it! Power backup has become a necessity now, isn’t it?

    1. Hey Jas, house-hunting was interesting indeed. And yes, surviving in Gurgaon without power backup is impossible.

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