..And Dusshera is here!

Its that time of the year when mornings are spent in doing Poojas, afternoons in making prasads and evenings in decking up for Garbha. Yesss! Navarathri/Dusshera is finally here 🙂

Navarathri has always been really close to my heart. I have always liked the fact that its one of those festivals when girls are given a lot more of importance and are pampered like never before!   Since childhood we have had Golu for Navarthri. For those who do not know what Golu means – Here’s the wiki link. We used to have 9 steps which slowly got reduced to 7 and eventually came down to 5. As a kid, I would eagerly wait for Navrathri, so I could help my mom unpack the dolls from attic and arrange them in a nice way, make a small amusement park or cricket stadium with household scraps etc. Golu always gave a chance to tap the creative potential. It also meant spending countless hours discussing  about various Sundals to be made and Rangolis to put. Now thats about the South Indian part of it! Back then, we never missed the Durga Pooja exhibitions in the Kali temple and would have a ball at the Gujrathi Samaj Garba! In short Navarathri always used to be a mix of culture with each one having its own charm.Image Credits : Wikipedia

Things changed. I moved out of Nagpur, Graduated, Got married. Today when I think of Dusshera all I can think is that one assured holiday in a stressful month! At times I feel with technology advancement our lives have become so monotonous. Back then the Govt offices ensured that they spared all Indian festivals so that people could spend time at home with family . But in IT, how do I explain my clients in Japan and Australia what Dusshera is!  Since me and Dh are still unsure of where we would settle down the idea of having a Golu does not seem plausible now ! Hectic work hours and Gurgaon traffic means we cannot travel to Durga Pooja Exhibitions in Delhi either :(..All those fun that I had during Dusshera are mere memories now! I can only think of them and make myself happy.

However, with inlaws at home this time things are a little better. I have so far made 2 Prasads. Mil managed to catch hold of a Tamil neighbour in our new apartment. She infact invited them for Vettalaipaakku (Haldi-Kumku) but the old lady did not turn up yet! I skipped my Power Yoga today so that I could make some Moong Dal Sundal (South Indian Salad made of Chickpeas and its likes) for her..The Sundal has come out really well. 🙂 However small, Dusshera/Navarathri has atleast brought some change in our daily routine. And I am liking it 🙂

Paati (Dh’s granny ) has been really busy surfing various channels so that she does not miss any of the Navarathri specials. A lady in some Tamil channel told that its good to make prasads with

Atta on Tuesday. So I made Atta Halwa yesterday.

Moong Dal on Wednesday. I have made Moong Dal Sundal today.

Tur Dal on Thursday.

Puttu on Friday (Kerala style Rice/ Poha delicacy).

Til on Saturday.

She does not remember the other days. I will do some research and update in case I know! My plan this time is to make prasads daily and I have so far managed to achieve the feat!Let see how it goes during the rest of the week.!

I wish you all a very happy and fun-filled 9 nights err Navarathri 🙂

 So what have you planned for Navarathri/Dusshera this year? 

Image Credits: Wikipedia, The Hindu.


P.S:- Looks like my Navarathri culinary experiment has come to an end. Dh’s distant relative passed away and we can’t technically celebrate any festivals for an year.Sigh!



4 responses

  1. I love this time of the year so much… the festive season in full swing… going to see Dandia/Garba, Durga Puja and then Ravan Dahan on Dussehra 🙂
    Happy Navratri and Dussehra to you 🙂

    1. Lucky you Lifesong 🙂 Enjoy 🙂 Thanks for your wishes!

  2. as kids we used to wait for holidays , go to each for golu and collect the goodies.. of course escape the singing part and take the prasadam.. good old days.. now just found one tambram in vizag.. hav got invitation for golu.. just want to make sure Bunty gets to know about golu and navaratri

  3. Hi ashreyamom- Nowadays people have Golu. At this rate, the next generation will never get to experience the fun part of it. 😦

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