zzzzzzz – A Review

After all, what more can a housefly do other than just buzzing around? This was my first reaction when ‘S’, a friend from Hyderabad told me about Eega. She insisted that I go and watch it even though it was in Telugu. But the hype that she gave was probably not enough to convince me at that time  and I carefully brushed it off.
Blame it on the Indian cinema but we are so used to watching a movie with a hero and a heroine with the usual villian-dies-in-the-end storyline that, when you think of a movie without a protagonist or should I say a human protagonist it sounds weird! But Naan Ee/Eega or more recently Makkhi is hands down THE most inventive movie of this year. It is a power packed movie with loads of emotions, romance, action topped with some subtle humour. The director has so beautifully carved each and every scene that in the end everything falls perfectly into place. Even the heroine’s expertise in miniature art has a greater meaning towards the end.

~Spoiler Alert!

Naan Ee is not just a simple love story of Nani(Nani) and Samantha (Bindu) with villan Sudeep ruthelessly killing Nani. Its about how Nani reincarnates as a fly to take revenge from his killer. I think one should watch this movie for the state of art animation, visual effects which were only seen in Hollywood movies and an outstanding background score! As the saying “Ek Machhar bhi aadmi ko Hijda bana deta hai” goes , the movie very nicely shows the downfall of an evil business tycoon to a helpless unstable jerk. Writing anything more would be an absolute give away.
In short Eega/Naan Ee/Makkhi is an absolute delight to watch and hats off to the director Rajamouli in whose mind the idea took this shape. I am not a big fan of what I call “Man” movies. I mean the Hitman, Spiderman, Superman types..Err was it is HITman ??  ..I am always cynical about stuff that seems unreal.To me a movie has to be realistic. I wouldn’t mind Rahul and Anjali discovering love 10 years later but I can’t stand a Spiderman walking on a skyscaper and fighting with villians. Precisely why I did not see Eega in the first place. Nevertheless, Naan Ee has silenced the critic in me!

You know what the best part of the movie is ? The fly doesn’t talk! I heaved a sigh of relief  when I saw that Nani fly only does what a normal fly would otherwise do. Sadist right? The movie would have been any other typical Indian movie had the fly talked and done all the hero stunts. But here, it didn’t! It was truly remarkable to see a fly perform heroics with the minimal talent it possessed. So the next time I see a fly hovering near me I am gonna be watchful of the signals its trying to send 😉

Coming to the acting part, I think each and everyone has done a very good job. However, Sudeep’s acting stands out all through the movie. His character is  huge roller-coaster of emotions  starting from lust, obsession, anger with a lot of quirks and twists. Samantha manages to pull off her role with her cute looks and Nani is good too. Santhanam’s comedy although very small gives the necessary dose of laughter.But the real hero of the movie is the director, the man behind the Computer graphics and the editing guy who merged the animations into the real scenes.
I am sure all of you must have watched this movie by now! In case you haven’t, then you don’t know what you’ve missed! The movie has just released in Hindi and even if you don’t understand Hindi go and watch it. Because all you need to do is understand  a fly’s language, its love and its revenge. And flies don’t have a language you see 😉

Now before you throw your shoes on me for spoiling the fun I will buzz off..zzzzzzzz zzzzzz


6 responses

  1. Hmm, Sia, nicely put. Makes me think at least about watching the movie:-)

    1. Thanks Harjeet. I hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did!

  2. i love love the movie and nanni’s character , of course the music..yes Rajamouli has done a good job.. fell in love with sudeep after watching his acting.. Bunty loves seeing ega in the movie.. 🙂
    they happen to screen it yesterday in Maa TV.. so we all watched it.. 🙂

    1. I am sure it must have been a fun ride 🙂

  3. ha ha 😀 buzz off really

    1. Thanks Jas 🙂

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