The Post Vacation Woes..

Finally the much talked, discussed and written about vacation came to an end. This time we decided to head to Shimla, the queen of all hill-stations.. And I must say that I loved everything about the much admired, abused, frequented, clichéd hill station However, let me save my feelings about the place, the mall road and many other things for a later post. For now, its time to rant about the post-vacation blues.

Right when I opened my eyes and saw the Kashmiri Gate ISBT, I started worrying about the pains of unpacking. I don’t know about you but my least favorite part about getting back from vacation is unpacking and everything that follows it! When I unlocked the door today morning and dumped the luggage, the first I did was check the fridge. And then started my usual “this stinks, that stinks” pangs. After an hour of sleep I started sweeping and dusting the house like crazy. The unpacking followed! I successfully managed to wash a huge bundle of clothes that I shamelessly put on all through the trip so that no two places have photos of me wearing the same dress :P..I threw away a lot of rotten stuff, changed the bedsheets and finally sit on them with the laptop on.

                                                                           Image Credit : Google Images

This trip was being discussed for along time and got postponed not just once but many times. It was either Dh’s office or my work constraints. So when  Dh suddenly popped the idea of going to Shimla, I did not want to miss the chance. I spent the initial couple of days on deciding the hotel/resort and booking the stay and the last few on making the list and packing the stuff. The trip did turn out very nice as planned . I also managed to fight my post-vacation blues and successfully unpacked and cleaned the house. Sometimes I wish I was the husband!  Isn’t it easy to just come home and announce that we are going to xyz place for vacation, ask the wife to zero down a hotel, do the bookings and all the packing? The poor wife makes the list, plans everything, does all the packing and not to forget the unpacking! Husbands hardly ever know what happens behind the scenes :(.

It is during these post-vacation work that I keep asking myself  “Who needs these vacations, anyway?”. But the answer is all of us do, whether we like it or not!

So, after hours of cleaning and unpacking when I sit on the couch and scroll through all those amazing photographs, those lovely moments spent with Dh, I feel its after-all worth it!

And all I have to say is : Thank you S for taking time from work and taking me to Shimla, a place truly worth the visit!


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  1. Welcome back…seems that you had a gala time there…I was smiling throughout the post where you mentioned the chores once you are back from vacation 🙂
    would love to read your travel chronicles 🙂

    1. Hey N. Yes I did :)..It was much needed break and I am glad it turned out to be this good.

  2. oh.. so lesson for me to invole hubby is unpacking too.. :).. glad that u enjoyed the trip.. 🙂

    1. Hey AM – I would be surprised if you hubby agrees to do that. 🙂

      1. let me wait and see.. havnt gone for any trip in recent times.. :). i think he might agree if in-laws are nt around.. 🙂

      2. Pls do one soon and let me know 🙂

  3. The first thing I do post a vacation is to dump the clothes in the washing machine 😀
    I usually dispose and give off all the items from the fridge before leaving!
    Lol at no two clothes at the same place..I am lazy in that area…I always carry light on any vacation.

    1. Thanks V..”Travel Light” is my future mantra 😛

  4. I hate unpacking after a vacation too. Looking forward to reading more about your vacation 🙂

    1. Thanks LS 🙂 Will post the travelogue soon!

  5. There was a time when my husband used to do all the packing and I used to do the unpacking. After I quit my job both were left to me. When it is just him going on a tour, I keep being busy with other things and he does the packing and unpacking too. 🙂

    1. Thankfully the husband here is not on a touring job. I am sure most of my days would be spent on doing the laundry considering his laziness. 😦

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