Waittttt! I don’t have any surprises, not yet! This is just a post about Surprises in general.

So why did I decide to write about Surprise in particular when my life has been going on a boring monotonous journey? Well, its because I chanced upon the latest Tanishq Ad while surfing through various channels. Its an excellent Ad and I was really surprised at the quality of Ads that are shown these days.

Hold on! Are you still wondering which Ad am I referring to?? Here, Go ahead and watch this first!

Now do you see why am I writing a weird post on Surprise, suddenly?

I don’t know about you but I am so much in love with this Ad and the guy Aakash. I just lovee the way he says Happy Diwali – nonchalant yet romantic. I have already seen this lady in a tea Ad and she looks like a woman of principles from outside but a normal dreamy person from within. (Am I assuming too much?)

As you see, its a very simple Ad and I am sure many women in India can relate to it. The super creative Ad maker has captured this Ghar Ghar ki Kahaani so well and that according to me the best part of this Ad. Both actors are so natural and talented.

The Ad features a young couple, dressed ethnic for Diwali. The man gives a Tanishq jewellery set box to his wife and says is colleague got it for his  wife. He asks his missus to pen down something sweet  on the gift pack. The lady seems to like the jewellery, but  tries to reason out saying that they have already planned not splurge on such expensive stuff. While they are having this conversation the husband starts dictating the message that needs to be written and that is when the lady finds out that it was infact a gift for her from her husband. Aww.. how cute 🙂 Because, the husband says, Diwali comes just once a year.  The conversation between the two is so life-like and natural that you don’t feel that this has been made up. And the lady’s reaction in the end is absolutely mind-blowing. I always feel you don’t need a big star to promote your brand, as long as the Ad makers are creative.

I have always loved surprises. I love surprising and being surprised.One would always find me calling a random person at 12 Am just to wish them on their birthday or drop in at someone’s just to say a quick Hi and surprise them. Soo, don’t be surprised if I call you when I land in your cities next ;)..Me and Dh used to do many romantic things just to surprise each other. I would make crosswords for him, make a video using Windows Moviemaker, plan a treasure hunt etc. For a change once, I found myself head over heels in love with him when he gave me 25 gifts on my 25th birthday. Oh yes, you heard that right! 25!! And that too from a guy who can’t shop anything without me. He managed to buy 25 gifts, neatly arranged them at his friend’s, took me to his house just before 12 ‘o’ clock and absolutely made my day! I can love him for the rest of my life just for that one surprise although I would love to have many more like that 😉 ( I’m glad he doesn’t frequent my blog these days :P).. He even wrote a cute poem for me , photo-shopped and framed it! Sometimes people surprise us. People we believe we know! And its small surprises like these that keeps the romance going #sweetjoys.

So tell me, did you surprise anyone lately?

Or, did someone surprise you?

P.S:- (Edited) Dh happened to read my blog when he was stuck in traffic and decided to surprise me more! He just bought a Cadburys Celebrations Box..Yaay!!! Maybe I should do more posts like this in future 😛


29 responses

  1. oh yes i too loved the advt. if my hubby was next to me, i would have hinted him to gift me, showing the advt. :D.
    i like surprising, but rarely get any surprises.. recently my mom was here , it happened to be her b’day. so i went home little early, got cake for her and planned a surprise party in my neighbors house. she was all excited and on tears..

    1. Hey AM – That was really sweet of you to surprise your mother. You know all these things mean a lot to them because in their generation they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do these things.And keep nudging your Dh when this Ad comes on TV next. 🙂

  2. Zack was vehemently protesting against this advt…saying it set the standards too high 😆
    But yes, the advt has been shot very well..I loved it too!!!

    25 on 25…you are one lucky girl Sia 🙂

    I have not surprised anyone lately 😦

    The last surprise I got was from Zack…he came home last night…and gave me a huge smile while I was working in the kitchen…usually he goes straight to the bedroom and only meets people when he has freshened up 😀

    1. Tell Zack that the Ad that this Ad is supposed to mean something ;).. He can take hints from that and try to do something similar 😛 And I think you should seriously try and surprise people more often. You never know you might be the reason for that person’s happiness for a day!

  3. I too fell in love with this ad the moment I saw it. Surprises, indeed, are loved by everybody. you are lucky that somebody has indeed done things like this for you. I wish Somebody does it 4 me someday :-D.
    Another series of ads that i completely love watching these days, is the one that flipkart has come up with. I hope you have seen it. its lovely 🙂

    1. Welcome to my space Priyaa and thanks for leaving a comment.And yes, I have seen all Flipkart Ads and they are all really good.

  4. I love this ad too. Every time it comes up, I run to the TV, leaving off anything I am doing and enjoying watching it 🙂 🙂 S – saw this behavior of me several times and questioned me how would I react if he gifted me something like this 😛 I would love to have this kind of a surprise, but then would n’t want gold 😀

    S has always given me a lot of surprises and he knows I love surprises 🙂 Most of the times, he would give in and tell me what he has planned for me well ahead of any occasion 😀 I have a few things to write abt this, instead of clogging your space, I would do a post 🙂

    My sis gave me a similar b’day surprise for 23rd bday 🙂 It was a kind of treasure hunt too at my own home and I loved every bit of it 🙂 I know how awesome it is to have these kinds of surprises 😀

    1. Thank you so much GB 🙂 Do a post. I am sure it will be a fun read..And don’t forget to tag me 😉 Free ka publicity 😛

  5. 25 gifts for your 25th bday??? Your better half looks like a very sweet and romantic guy!

    I liked the ad too. I haven’t surprised anybody nor has anybody surprised me 😦

    1. Hey MTB – Well I wouldn’t say very romantic and all but he definitely did surprise me that time 😉

  6. That’s a beautiful ad. Am watching it in loop now 🙂
    K and I surprise each other outbigtime. Your guy is sweet to have bought a celebrations box for you !

    I so agree with powerful ads sans big stars. Can’t get enough of this one !:)

    1. Hai na? Same here! I just love watching this again and again and each time I wink at my husband..I just hope he gets the message..Eyeing for diamond earrings now 😛

      1. He he. I would be happy with an origami paper napkin but it should be a surprise 😉

        Let’s hope your husband reads your comments tomo 😉

  7. Thanks to you I got to see this sweet ad 🙂
    Wow on 25 gifts and that box of chocolates 😀
    Haven’t been surprised in a very long time though now that your post has inspired me, maybe I should plan a surprise 😀

    1. Hey MyEra – I hope you liked the Ad. And I am glad the post kindled you spirits..Now do a post on what and how did you surprise your beloved.
      .Thoda bohot credit de dena mujhe bhi idea ke liye 😉

  8. That’s a sweet ad and post Sia. I love listening to surprise tales but frankly I have never surprised anyone but have received birthday surprises from my friends. Me and DH are equal in this matter, we cannot hide surprises. 🙂

    Ok one surprise I gave is to my younger sister. When we were in school, mom asked us to go to the market to buy something and gave us some money which she put on the table. My sister guddu secretly hid some money in her pocket. Which I cleverly watched and stole it again from her pocket. 😀 And when later I told her on the way how we don’t have enough, she was looking to give me the hidden money and surprise me, but got shocked herself on not finding it. I don’t know why I don’t seem to forget this incident and we still laugh over it. 😀

    1. Hahaha..Poor kiddo must have got a shocking surprise..I have played many such pranks on my sis. Infact the bond that sisters share is just amazing..And coming to surprise your husband, even we are very bad at it..We just can’t hide anything from each other, especially after our marriage..So I make it a point to celebrate even the smallest of the surprises..:)

  9. I loved it but definitely it set the standards high for husbands 😀
    Well this post couldn’t have come at more right time than today when I am about to surprise someone. Much revelations later … shhhhhhh ..

    1. Hey Jas
      I will keep mum for now provided you tell me what the surprise was once it is out 🙂

      1. he he.. my hubby’s b’day… He was home but I managed to keep all the surprises under wrap 😀

        A yummy chocolate orange cake and a fancy dinner… I pulled it off finally. 🙂

  10. I guess everybody loves a big surprise. I love to surprise my kids and though it might be something as tiny as a wrapped chocolate or may be preparing some dessert they love, the smiles of glee and the twinkle in their eyes is worth every second of the effort you put in. My trio often plan surprises for me, only that they are so excited that I get wind of the plan way before it is put into action. The only times they’ve pulled it off successfully is when they got their Daddy to conspire with them.
    As you suggested, I think I’ll post mine with a link to the source of inspiration 😀

    1. Hey Shadia
      I kids are your best bet when you want to surprise someone!I am sure it would be a treat to watch their million dollar expression..Please do a post.. I am sure you will have some lovely incidents to write about and drop me a note when you are done. I would lovee to read that!

  11. Hi Sia, lovely blog. 25 gifts! You’re one lucky wife! Just last month we landed up at my daughter’s place sharp at midnight. She pulled her surprised husband out of bed and made him answer the bell. We all yelled “Happy birthday” and you should have seen his face, he was so overwhelmed. She’d also managed to smuggle in a huge bunch of awesome roses after sending him off on a needless errand. He cut the cake we’d brought along and then we left them alone. The midnight trip was fun to do for a loved one:-)

    1. Thank you so much Harjeet..
      Wishing someone at the stroke of midnight is the best surprise you can give! And if the person surprising you is your mil, then what more do you expect ;)..His shocked reaction was perfectly valid after all such ‘young-at-heart’ mil are not so common:)

  12. Hi Sia,

    Loved your space and this post too! Have I surprised you today? 😉
    Will keep coming back for more 🙂

    1. I’m sure you did !!. Thanks 🙂 Would love you have you here 🙂

  13. Hi Sia, First time on you blog 🙂 Enjoying reading it 🙂
    I love surprises too & love to surprise others 🙂 last time I surprised PK by planning a getaway for Christmas holidays for PK & of course myself 😉
    I have to write about PK’s surprise bday, will write soon 🙂
    25 gifts!! nice 🙂 I wrote 27 letters to PK on his 27th Birthday & packed all letters in PK’s lunch-box, he was surprised to see his lunch on that day 🙂 A hint for you 🙂

    1. Hey Tandoori, Thanks for dropping by! 27 letters sounds brilliant.. And you packed them in his lunch box? That’s so cute..Btw thanks for the idea 😉

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