Updates Galore!

Thank God the spiders haven’t showed up yet for that’s how long it has been since I came here!

I know I have not done a proper post in a really long time but I’ve got many updates, so here it goes:

  • Work has been pretty hectic and the firm is planning to hire a few people and expand their base in India. And your’s truely was involved in the recruitment process 🙂 Can’t express my excitement in words. Now I know I am born HR material 😉
  • Finally I happened to visit the IITF (India International Trade Fair) or the much hyped Trade Fair in Pragati Maidan. Although it wasn’t exactly what I thought of it to be, it still was a nice fun-filled outing. Maybe because you can get everything and anything in malls these days the charm of seeing them in such fairs is lost. Its a huge fair and we could barely cover half of it! It was definitely a wonderful experience. I have never seen so may shops in one place and needless to stay I was complete;y blown away with the amount of shopping I could do! We had to shell out 400 Rs to get an entry during the business hours since we did not want to get ourselves crushed in the mad rush. Thankfully we did not have to wait in the long serpentine queues. However, we later found out that the entry to senior citizens is free always. Lack of information from our side led to wasting 800 Rs on  tickets. I bought an onion dicer which showed its true colours the very next day :(. I also bought a Sprouts maker which I am yet to try. I really hope it does what it says on the cover! I was told that every year there is one product that’s new and stands out. To me it was the electric hot water bag sans water! Its really cool and and gets heated up in like 5 mins and stays warm for atleast an hour. Its a China made bag which has a jelly like substance indie which gets expanded when heated. So far it is good and for change does what it promised.
  • I finally took a break from work, a vacation that was long overdue. I know , I have been travelling a lot over weekends for the past couple of months but this was like a proper week long vacation and I did not open my laptop even my mistake ;). There are cities, and there is Chennai! I used to hate living in Chennai when I was there but when I moved out, I realized that I really love the city. Come to think of it, the city taught me in many ways than one, took care of me when I as a 20 year old left home for the first time. Chennai gave me friends and most of all Chennai is where I met Dh :).  After living in so many cities now, I feel Chennai is where I feel at home. I love the freshness of Malli Poo sold by the Pavada- Davani clad girls, the mouth-watering Pongal Vadai at the Karpagambal Mess, Mylapore or Murugan Idli’s famous Idli and a cup of Filter Kaapi everywhere I go. I feel at peace when I go to the beach. Even this time,  the visit to Besant Nagar beach  brought back some wonderful memories of me, my friends and the family! To sum up, the vacation was nice change from the ubercool, ultra modern lifestyle in Delhi!
  •  I am re-reading ” The Secret of Nagas” because I heard that the third book will be out anytime!
  • I had my nose pierced at GRT! Yaay!Oh yes, you heard that right! I was so bored of the same look. I would  have liked to have a boy cut but that would have stirred unnecessary arguments in the family. So I decided to do some piercing. In-laws are happy and so am I so its a win-win! I am planning to buy a nice nose ring soon! Finally, a nice painful change :P!
  • On a sad note, I have put on truck-loads of weight and I am utterly distressed!  I had never ever thought that I would have to complain of being overweight ever in my life for I was always skinny and bony. My weight never surpassed 45 Kgs and the BMI always hovered around the underweight region! Now I feel I am in someone else’s body. I just hate being fat! I think its really time to start some workouts and get back to shape before people stop recognizing who I am !

So these were the updates from me..

What’s up at your end?



19 responses

  1. Nice to have you back! I too haven’t posted in a long time and am working on a draft now. Do you think we can keep up those promises we make to ourselves about posting regularly?

    1. Thanks Shankari 🙂 And about keeping those promises – Of course we will! After all, setbacks like these are like speed breakers not like dead ends.. We just need to keep on going!

  2. Vaango Vaango!!! 🙂 I thought of checking on you, that you were gone for many many days. But then I too was caught up with a hectic work life (as usual). Glad you had your much needed break, that too in Chennai!! I am sure you had an awesome time 🙂 Nose piercing is something I consider very scary 😦 But if you really like it, pain wouldnt matter I guess 😉

    1. Hey GB, I think you checking on me would have kindled my spirits. Next time please do that! Nose piercing did sound and look scary to me esp because they don’t do a gun shot on nose but the pain hardly lasts for long. I was back to normal the very next day! 🙂

  3. I can understand your excitement of being involved in the recruitment process, my Dad was recently into it and was proudly telling me about it. 🙂

    I share your exact feelings for Chennai, people around me made it sound like a monstrous place, but I really liked my stay there, my first away from home, and met my husband there too. 😉

    1. Hey Jazz, trust me recruitment was super fun 🙂 I can totally imagine your dad’s excitement..I think the belief that Chennai is a boring and monstrous place is just a myth. There so many fun things that you can do there too provided you have the right company and when you have beautiful beaches like what you have there then what more can you ask for?

  4. aha… lots of updates…. so a proper HR material han 😀
    And nose piercing, it terrifies me.. completely… good for you and i hope you post the pciture of your nose ring sometime soon 🙂

    Good to see you back.

    1. Hey Jas, it pains only for a short while.. I am all loving my new looks 🙂

  5. A nose ring! And I had removed mine a couple of years after marriage, after having them on since I was an adolescent! Good for you that you like it. I have never lived in Chennai, but when I go on visits, I love the smell of malli poo too and also the pala chulai when in season. Slurp slurp…

    1. Hey Zephyr, Know what? People were surprised to see that I volunteered for this! My mum kept asking me if my in-laws forced me to peirce my nose :P.. And how did I forget to mention pala chulai *slurp*.. I always make it a point to have them..Its on of those To-Do’s in my checklist..However I found that there were hardly any shops this time.Guess steamed corn have taken over Pala chulai’s and Raw mangoes 😦 And they are super expensive.. I had like 8 pieces for 60 bucks. Gone are the days when we could get 10 chulais for 20 bucks!! Sigh!

  6. Akkaaa..I had a broom ready to dust the cobwebs 😛
    Sprouts maker..never seen..share a picture sometime 🙂
    Chennai has its own charm, even though the heat is unbearable
    Third book to be out is it..when when 😀
    Madisar maami with a nose ring..perfect 🙂 😉
    Rise and fall in weight will happen..but will that perfect aloo paratha come again? No right..so dig in and exercise more 😉

    1. Hey V, You should have come with the broom 😉 I missed being on this space so much! Spouts maker is so far good. Will post a pic and do a review too!

  7. Hi Sia, thanks for the breezy updates. I absolutely know when you say it feels like somebody else’s body. Hope you shed the right amount of weight only, and soon 🙂

    1. Hello Harjeet, Thank you so much..:) ..I really hope I do!

  8. Nagas coming by march 🙂 🙂 take deep breath and read slowly, good to know you like chennai 😀 chennai is a mom’s place 🙂 welcomes every one, but add me, I hate chennai. 🙂 🙂 Happy that you pierced it 🙂 was that a gun shot or a natural one!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Hey Chipmunk, Good to hear that you are from Chennai too.. GRT did not have gunshot for nose piercing so I went for the latter. I wonder if the do that for nose anywhere!

      1. they do for ear piercing 🙂 🙂 try piercing it for second step in your ear 🙂

  9. i am sorry its the oath of vayuputras that is about to come out by march with 53 chap 🙂 🙂

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