A Dream Come True – Shoppers Stop – The Perfect Look !


Adi and Ashu spent 20 years of their life playing, teaching,  fighting and consoling each other when in need. Right from the day they started understanding things they knew that their parents were going through a rocky relationship. Many times they would wait for them to come home and take them out on their birthdays only to get disappointed in the end. It was then that Adi decided to be there always for his sister in her joys and sorrows, ups and downs. Years passed and a lot of things! Their parents got divorced and children’s custody was given to the dad. Soon, a beautiful step-mother walked into their lives, revamped the house and  their dad too. Their normal looking DDA flat in Vasant Kunj now looked like a posh 3 BHK from inside! The only thing that remained the unchanged was the bond that these siblings shared – the unbreakable bond.


Ashu : Bhai, there is a freshers party in my college. And I need to dress up well for that. You know how girls dress up in DU right? I wanna be one among them. Afterall, I can’t go there like a Behenji right?

Adi: definitely baby, you must dress up well for the party! When is it?

Ashu: Jan 25th! Ok, I am off to college..Have a special class. Bhai, forgot to ask how is your blogging coming along?

Adi: Its good. Helps me hone my writing skills and I also get to meet like-minded people in the blgosphere. this will help me when I publish my book.

Ashu: Okay, All the best! And don’t forget about the party!

Try as he might, Adi had never been able to give all comforts that he wanted to give his sister. After all, he was  a literature graduate just out of college who made his living by doing a freelance content-writer job. Of course, he had the potential to become a successful writer in future and he was working very hard towards it. But he needed money to take care of his sister’s needs. The pocket-money that their dad gave was only enough to feed themselves in the canteen. He had vowed to give Ashu the best things in life and  he put all his efforts to achieve that. Today, when Ashu suddenly demanded to have a whole new ensemble for her freshers party, Adi began to worry.

It was as if a coincidence that Indiblogger sent him an email about the Shoppers Stop Perfect Festive Look Contest. Adi decided not to let go of this opportunity. The 20k worth first prize would help him fulfill his sister’s dream of rocking in her freshers party, if nothing he would atleast get to know what the latest trends market are! All he had to do was to come up with a perfect ensemble after looking at all the options in their website. Although Adi did not have a great fashion sense initially, buying stuffs for Ashu all these years had made him a pro. He could explain the difference between Salwars, Chudidars, Leggings and Patialas much better than DU girls ;).  Adi read the rules of the contest and made a quick checklist of everything that he would need for the perfect ensemble.

Initially he thought of  buying a nice Chudidar Set for his sister. He loved the intricate embroidery and the Green and Red combination instantly in the Stop Chudidar Set.But he got confused with the Biba  White one or the Biba Anarkali in the centre.


He knew Anarkali was in vogue and that Ashu would look beautiful wearing it.

Then he thought, why not western? Actually, the myriad of options in the website confused him a lot. He just did not know what to shop. Almost everything looked wonderful.He had half a mind to chuck the contest and buy this French Connection Maroon dress. He knew it would give a perfect party look to Ashu.Fren COnnection

But his eyes fell on this French Connection dress. The moment he saw, he knew this was it!

Party look

He decided to browse for handbags/clutches and then later for matching shoes. He kept looking for the perfect clutch that would go with that beautiful dress and he finally decided to buy the French Connection-Ladies Kimberly Sparkle Box Clutch.


He was surprised to see so many options for shoes and sandals but he knew his kid sister could not handle high heels. But he was shocked to see that the website also had a Medium Heels Option. he finally zeroed on the chic Catwalk Shoes that he knew would go well the dress.Shoes

Now the only thing left out was accessories.He decided to go for something simple and elegant that would look beautiful on an evening wear like this Infinity Necklace with a matching Earring, a Bow Hair Slide and this beautiful Bracelet.Infinity

Finally to give a perfect end to the ensemble he chose Maybelline’s Waterproof Mascara, Golden Touch Powder Foundation and the Lakme Sheer Satin Lip Gloss. And not to forget the Davidoff perfume!


Thus he came up with this final ensemble for Ashu’s Freshers Party!

Final Ensemble

By now he started loving this whole activity of choosing outfits for his sister from the sea of options that Shoppers Stop offered. He started to fantasize what he would like his sister to look like on her wedding day. He jogged more and finally came up with a perfect bridal look for his Ashu. After all, his most cherished dream was to see his sister as perfect Bride.Wedding

Adi gave one final look at his entry in his blog and hit the “Publish” button.

Adi knows his chances of winning this contest is grim since there are hundreds of bloggers taking part with  better fashion sense than his. But deep down he hopes to win it, for it would give him an opportunity to fulfill Ashu’s wishes. To him the joy of watching her buy all of these and look stunning for her party is unparalleled!

Will you help Adi fulfill his dream?

If yes, promote his post in IndiBlogger! You never know you might bring a broad smile in this brother-sister’s life 🙂

P.S:- This is my entry for IndiBlogger’s The Perfect Festive Look Contest.mainbanner

All images in this post are taken from www.shoppersstop.com. You can buy every single item in this post from their website here.

Disclaimer: – All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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  1. all the best for the contest dear.. most of choices match.. :)..

    1. Thanks AM 🙂

  2. you have got a good eye Sia 🙂

    Good luck for the contest !!

    1. Thanks V..:)

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