To All Mothers With A Son…

Mother and SonCan I have a word with you?

Don’t get me all all wrong. I know your son means the world to you. But sometimes, without you intending, your son goes out and does things which is not acceptable to me, and I would hope, to you as well. So here I go-

To all mothers, with a son-

*  Will you please tell your son  that women are not sex objects and they are not born to entertain men.

*Will you explain to them that they have no right to judge a girl by the amount of clothes she wears and people she hangs 400-05080407out with! It is a CHEAP mindset if they do that! Women deserve to be treated well, with dignity and respect. Their dignity is much bigger than the skirts they wear!

* Men have no rights to force a woman into doing anything!

*  Tell them that not all women who talk to men are characterless. They talk to men because they believe they are in a free society and they consider themselves equal to men.

*  Teach them that women never like to get raped and they absolutely do not enjoy the act when its forced upon them.

To mothers directly –

Will you please stop thinking that by having a son you did the greatest thing in the world. Let me get the point clear to you, it really does not make you any superior! You just belonged to the other 50%. So will you stop pampering your son and start treating them the way you do your daughter. Teach them what is right and what is wrong!

Ahh, now that I have ranted I feel so good !

This post was not intended at anyone in particular. This  just came in the wake of the recent Gang Rape that happened in Delhi.  My heart really goes out to that girl who must have had no inkling that men could be animals, beasts! This post is for all those Chauvinist mothers who after reading the news are still blaming the poor girl for going out in the night (It was only 9 PM, for God Sake!)  instead of feeling ashamed to have contributed to  the men clan! This post is to vent out all the anger that I have for those beasts who ruthlessly raped a 23 year old. And, most of all, this post is for living in a society which still favors men over woman, a grand-son over a grand-daughter!

To all girls, in this society – Keep fighting…but remember, Be Safe!


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18 responses

  1. well said Sia.. such incidents sometimes make me feel, i did a wrong thing by bringing my daughter to this world. i seriously care for her and every girls safely. but how long will they be safe has become my doubt.

    1. Thanks AM, I think its time to prepare ourselves and educate the younger generation about the cruelty happening in the society. How about learning Taekwondo or some other martial arts 😉

  2. Very very well said

    The message needs to reach out loud and clear.

    1. Hey Visha its time for people to wake up from their slumber and face the ugly fact that India has become the Rape Capital!

  3. Brilliantly written. Sharing it on my FB/Tw.

    1. Thanks Vrij..

  4. well said vidya………

    1. Thanks Sudheshna!

  5. Very well written Sia… I hope people in India understand the value of women.. I hope they pass a bill soon for the severe punishment for the rapists..
    In India, Sons should be taught not to rape instead of teaching girls to cover up!!!

    1. Thanks TPL,..I really hope the punishment this time is so strong that when a person decides to commit such mistake in future the repercussions should haunt him!

  6. Very well said Sia. exactly the same thoughts in my mind. The anger is still boiling inside me and I am not able to channelize into anything useful, which inturn is frustrating me. I really want to thank you for putting up your thoughts here, which should go out to many many people in our country. As you rightly said, we should keep fighting and be safe.

    1. Thanks GB, I just did not know how, what and wher to vent out. I have been silently crying for past 3 days thinking about that girls future. Even if she survives the ICU battle, just imagine the scar that these beasts have left in her mind. The coming years would be a testing time for her and her family. I pray that she puts a brave fight!

  7. Awesome Sia, I completely agree with you on this. It saddens me when I see even a slight partiality meted out to a boy child. This is one thing I strongly feel about. Me and my husband have discussed this many times and cringe when we see these situations in our families. 😐

    1. Thanks Jazz..All I hope is the trend changes in future generations. With so many people wanting to have a daughter these days, I see there is still some hope left 🙂

  8. I have to agree 100%. You spoke what was on my mind, it is not the attire of women but the attitude of men that has to change. I shudder to think of what will happen to next generation if the basic mentality of men does not change and also of some women like you mentioned. How dare they question the girl for going out late at night, should they not be questioning the security of the streets?? I cringe when I see women babying their sons and not letting them pick up after themselves of not allowing them in the kitchen since it is not a man’s place. Are we still in the middle ages its disgraceful. Sorry but it feels good to rant :).

    1. Hello ssrini12, Welcome to my space :).. This place is all about rants..It really does matter who does that 😉

  9. I agree with you that Sons should be taught to behave properly but then today’s society just makes things more complicated. Remember there are people who are psychos and some are just not normal. I would just like to say that the whole incident also teaches us that our elders and our traditional values, especially in India, were and are not only correct but foundation stones of society.
    Women are stronger then men but as my great grand mother used to say, they are Jewels and you cannot simply display Jewels everywhere. Any sane person will not leave his doors open and insecure even if he lives in the most safest of all environments on earth. If you take precautions for precious belongings, do the same with your most precious jewels. We all men and women, parents need to remind ourselves before blaming our country and society, and calling it a shame and so on, how much do we respect our cultural and traditional values, how much do we respect the important lessons taught to us by our forefathers.
    Again, we must look into ourselves and think about the entire situation, not all people are the same and equal in this world, and an entirely safe and secure world is just another dream for every human on earth.

    1. Hello Juzar,First of all thank you so much for dropping by! While I agree that it is always better to be safe than sorry, I think we need to bring some change in the patriarchal culture that we have followed for years. Our grand parents had never stepped out of their houses for them to endure eve-teasing etc. But times have changed. Our jobs demand us to step out and work independently. I do understand that as women we need to stay protected but staying indoor is never an option. Our values never teach anyone to steal, molest, rape! So just because a woman is out, alone should not make her susceptible to all such crimes. Now that it is happening we know whom to blame!

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