Kissa Stubble Ka!

Siya and her cousin Seeta had a great time strolling in the farms the whole day. When they came back home dead tired, all they could do was finish a quick dinner and crash on their bed. But the cool breeze outside tempted them to sleep on the terrace gazing those shimmering  starts with warm moonlight. Both loved the idea of sky-watching and decided to sleep upstairs. Amidst all talking and planning Seeta  forgot to take off her Gold Chain that she had worn the previous day.Their girl-talks continued for 3 hours.

Seeta was a simple village girl. She had hardly gone out of her village and always looked up to Siya. Siya was a DU student pursuing her dream job as a  journalist. Despite their different upbringings the cousin shared a very strong bond. Siya made a point to visit Seeta every year.

On that starry night when Siya and Seeta had just dozed off after a long conversation, Seeta felt that someone was watching her, closely. Initially she thought it was just a dream. She tried tuck herself into the blanket. When she raised her hand to pick up the blanket her hand touched something pricky. She knew something was wrong. She open her eyes and found a man with a bushy stubble trying to snatch her chain. She instantly started shouting Chor! Chor!  which woke up Siya. The man who was trying to cut Seeta’s gold chain immediately started running. Siya followed him and caught hold of him. She gave him a tight slap and then asked,

Kyun Bhaiyya, Chori Hi Karni Thi to atleast Shave Karke Nahi Aa Sakte The?85DG0_0V52L

Seeta always thought Siya was funny but a comment like that in that situation stunned her for a second!


This is just one of the bed-side stories that I had told my husband hoping that he would get my point. Somehow subtle hints never work with guys, do they? I had tried to explain that unruly stubble looks unkempt. I told him that it really irked me to get close to him and his bushy face. I made up stories like the one above and told how people made fun of them. On nights when I bored him with my bedside stories he would lovingly oblige to shave the next day. But as we all know, old habits die hard! He would soon be back to his Devdas look.

Last week he decided to surprise me and came to pick me up from the airport. While I loved his idea of surprising me I thought this was the perfect moment to teach a lesson, in a hard way! He opened his arms like SRK in Kal Ho Na Ho and expected me to go and hug him.

But what did I do?













I took out his pic from my mobile phone, gave a nice hug to my phone and a lovely kiss to his zoomed pic.

Poor guy kept staring at me!

I see he has been shaving his stubble every alternate days since then ;)..Looks like the trick worked, after all!

So all my girlie friends, here are top 5 ways to man your man Shave-

1) Tell him how his mustache itches, in a nice way.

2) Mention how much younger he would look if he shaved off his stubble.

3) Always compliment him on his new clean shaven look.

4) Offer him a nice romantic Shave, like the one that  Katrina gives to Shahrukh in Jab Tak Hai Jaan :P.

5) If nothing works, Shave his stubble while he is sleeping 😀

All characters in the comic strip above are imaginary! These are a part of my attempt to make my husband Shave. I have no objections if you would want to use my story to make your husband Shave! Afterall Ek Aurat Hi Doosri Aurat Ka Dard Samajh Sakti Hai! (Only a woman can understand another woman’s plight). I know that this story is really stupid. But that is the whole point. Tell them 10 such stories and they would decide to Shave instead of listening to such crap :P. Drop me an email or leave a comment if you need more ideas. 😀


This post is a part of the <a href=”; title=”Shave or Crave” target=”_blank”>’Shave or Crave'</a> movement in association with <a href=”; title=”The biggest community of Indian Bloggers” target=”_blank”></a>



6 responses

  1. lol.. asking the thief to shave.. what an idea.. all the best for the contest dear.. 🙂

    1. Thanks AM 🙂

  2. hahaha..the thief would never have thought about that 😆

    Hmm..the 5 pointers make quite a list…all noted 😉

    1. Thanks Visha 🙂 Wish you a Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Hey , you know I started to grow my moustache and the whole blogging world has strated writing about shaving .. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

    glad the theif did not have as big as mine though he he he he

    All the best 🙂

    1. Hahahaha 🙂 You see hundreds of people are giving you DIRECT hints to Shave 🙂 Time to reconsider you decision of growing mustache, what say?

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