Make ’em Straight!

I belong to the group of girls who neither have straight hair nor the curly ones. We hang in right in the middle and have what is called a Wavy Hair..Not that I complain, in fact I used love my medium length wavy hair. But these days I see so many girls doing  Chemical straightening and rebonding of hair which make me believe that straight hair is really in vogue! So, after a lot of thinking and research  I have come with top 5 ways to make the hair straight. I am slowly in the process of trying each one of them.

Method 1)

  1. Sit comfortably on a chair and position your hair on the Iron Table.Iron
  2. Stretch all your hair out on the table.
  3. Ask your husband/friend to sprinkle some water on your hair.
  4. Now ask him to roll the iron for the next half an hour.

Method 2)

  1. Walk to a nearby park with your hair nicely shampooed using Sunsilk.Upside Down
  2. Find a Hanging Bar which is meant for children.
  3. Hang yourselves upside down for the next one hour or till you hair dries completely.

Method 3)

  1. Apply shampoo to your hair. Neatly comb your hair for 10 minutes.comb
  2. Rinse it well and apply some conditioner.
  3. Again comb for sometime.
  4. Now gently wash off all the conditioner.
  5. Take care not to ruffle the hair. Keep it straight.
  6. Do not towel dry or shake your head. Allow the water to drip and let the hair take its own course to dry.
  7. Again comb your hair for 10 minutes.

Method 4)

  1. Why not glue your hair straight?
  2. Apply some good quality glue to your hair.
  3. Pull it through the length.Glue
  4. Finish with some shine serum.

Method 5)

  1. If you are very desperate to have straight hair and all else fails, here’s one sure shot way to make your hair super straight.
  2. Buy a Van de Graff Electricity Generator.
  3. Touch it for few seconds.
  4. The result would be something like this –van de graff

If this isn’t straight what else is? 😀

P.S:- This post is written for the Straight Hair Experiment contest by Indiblogger.


Image Courtesy: Google Images


17 responses

  1. nice nice.. all the best for the contest .. nice that u got pics to support the text which i didnt get.. 🙂

    1. Hey Am, Your’s is a much better post.. All the best :)..I am pinning my hopes on you to win 🙂

  2. The last one was very funny 😀

    All the best dearie 🙂

    1. Thanks V 🙂

  3. LOL.. enjoyed reading this 🙂 I have actually tried the first one just for couple of minutes(not sprinkled water though) 😉
    All the best for contest Sia 🙂

    1. Thanks Tandoori 🙂

  4. All the best for the contest I hope you win!! The post did make me chuckle :). I unfortunately have the straight and by straight I mean pin straight natural hair that most people crave. It is a big pain and you cant do any sort of hairstyle with , it will be back to pin straight in matter of 2-3 hours boo!. LOL.

    1. Lucky you Swarna! As they that the grass is always greener on the other side, Would love to swap your straight for anything! And btw I tried to click on your name to reach your blog but it does not take me anywhere. Would love to visit your blog.. url pls?

      1. Hey Sia, sure lets swap hair when the technology exists!. I don’t have a blog :(, I actually signed up just to subscribe to yours lol. Your posts are awesome :). Maybe I should blog once in a while :D. Btw such a newbie question of mine ahem how do I create a blog url now??

      2. Thanks a bunch Swarna..You should definitely blog. Its a very nice avenue to express yourself with like-minded people. I am sure you will love it!
        Hey btw is your blog url. Go to, login with th euser ID and password which I think you have already created. Go to Dashboard and under Posts section, click on Add new. When you are done writing click on Publish. And don’t forget to let me know when you are done. Would love to follow your blog )

  5. Neve mind I figured it out, 😛 and here it is btw is there a way to private message on here sorry im such a noob! 😦 I got my first post out too whee and you would probably my one and only subscriber! lol

    1. Have mailed you from my personal ID. And don’t worry about subscribers. You will soon start getting readers. Write because you want to! People will automatically follow! OMG I sound so philosophical now 😛

  6. hehehehehehhe loved the Van de Graff Electricity generator 🙂 You are so funny Sia! 🙂
    Wish you all the best. I really pray that you and AM should get straight hair soon. Can’t stop laughing at your experiments 🙂

  7. Ha ha Good one! Thanks for dropping by my space….

    1. The pleasure is all mine )

  8. Ha ha ha the first one and the last one was v funny 🙂 LOL on Van de Graff Electricity Generator…

    1. Thanks Deepsi )

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