A brand new year begins!!

2013 Begins – A new year,  a new beginning.. Phone calls have been made, wishes sent and wishes received..And its time for the New Year resolutions. Talking about resolutions, I am someone who always believes in making one. Every year I promise to exercise more, eat healthy, read more and the most recent one being lose more weight. Sooner or later I see all of these promises broken, one by one! However, I pick them up again religiously the following year. So here goes the list for 2013..happy-new-year-2013-best-wishes

  • Eat : As always, I resolve to eat healthy, stay fit and lose atleast 5 Kgs this year. (Now, that sounds reasonable right?)
  • Blog: I want to post a lot more regularly in 2013. Well, I wrote more than a 50 posts in 2012 and for a newbie it passable right? This year I want to double that and write at least 100 posts. And that requires me to blog more often! So, you will see a lot more of me here 😉
  • Read: I want to start going to the library again and read more.
  • Stats: I want to stop obsessing over blog stats, awards, followers etc. While blogging gave me like-minded friends it also made me competitive. Only I know how much I sulked seeing poor stats, less followers and no awards last year. I have decided to stop tracking each one of these this year. I have come to a stage where I understand that I blog because I want to not  because people want me to!
  • Paint: I want to start painting. I bought all my painting kits, canvas but everything took a backseat when I started this blog. Somehow, I need to learn how to multi-task.
  • Pray: I want to be more spiritual in 2013. I know I am a spiritual person but I have given up on that owing to my laziness. I want to pray, meditate and read spiritual books.
  • Pranayam: After knowing the benefits of pranayam only nuts like me can procrastinate doing it. I know and I believe that pranayam is a healer of all diseases yet when it comes to waking up in the morning and doing pranayam I suck at it. I just can’t drag myself out of the bed 😦
  • Wake up early : This is the toughest of all. I have tried at least a hundred times and have failed miserably always. So much so that I have given up now. Nothing in this world can be superior to my beauty sleep. People say invest on a good quality shoe or tracks and start jogging. I use my Reebok track pants as my night suit now 😛
  • Cook: 2012 saw me discover my culinary skills. I want me to hone my skills better in 2013. I want to bake more, cook some good dishes and more importantly post recipes here.
  • Photography: This has been in my To-Do lists for a long time. I want to learn photography atleast to be able to take better pictures of food of which I plan to post here.
  • Drive: I want to start driving again. Delhi traffic has scared me so much that I have stopped getting behind the wheels. I want to start driving again and experience that independence and kick that driving gives me.

Will all these resolves fade away with passing time? I don’t know and only time will tell!

Once again a very happy and prosperous new year to all of you. I hope all your dreams and desires come true in 2013 🙂

What resolutions have you made for 2013?



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17 responses

  1. Wow, thats a pretty bunch of resolutions…do let us know if you want regular pokes if you get irregular in following the to-do list :mrgreen:

    My resolutions for this year is to take as many vacations as possible 😉

    1. HEy V..Would love to have someone nudge me from time to time. Otherwise you know how bad I am :)..
      Vacation?? I likey :)..Btw let me know if you need any ideas for weekend getaways and all..

  2. That’s a loooong list but I really hope you stick to these….Mine are yet to see the face of paper 😛

    1. Hey Jas :- Even I hope that I stick to them.. And do let us know when you are done with the list ;)..I’ll be your buddy and poke you you from time to time 🙂

  3. I have made a resolution to make NO resolution 🙂 he he he he
    all the best with yours and I read Photography in there .. Can you teach me also pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Hey Bikram – I think its better to not have any resolutions rather than shamelessly breaking them the very next day.. Its just that I am so used making resolutions, the thought of not making one scares me 🙂

  4. Hey happy new year dear.. and best wishes for the resolutions 🙂

    1. Hey Jazz- Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Sia. A happy new year to you. Cool list, and one any woman would like to draw up. Let’s hope you’ll do some mid-term stocktaking and keep us posted 🙂

    1. Hello Harjeet – Thanks and wish you the same.. I like your idea of mid-term stock taking.. :)..Lets see how far I go!

  6. Your list of resolutions are scaring me and reminding me that I have made none. Didnt even think of making one this year. Sigh!

    A happy new year to you and wish you stick on to those resolutions 🙂

    1. Gb- Thanks and wish you the same.. Don’t get scared seeing the list! What matters is how many of these I actually stick to 😛

  7. Great resolutions. Good luck with them. 🙂 iam yet to finalize on mine. Hope I will decide on them before the end of the year. 🙂

    1. Hahaha 🙂 Make them soon and post it in your blog 🙂

  8. Good list of resolutions out there..that covers almost everything I hv in mind too.. But sadly I hv taken a resolution not to make resolutions and not meet them… Lets see how much can I implement it myself… 🙂 You can see more regularly frm now on… 🙂

    1. Hello lostinmylilworld – Pleasure to have you here :)..And don’t worry about not meeting your resolutions..You will see me poking you every month about your status 😉

      1. You can call me Deepsi dear.. Wow thats v nice of u to me poking for my status but believe me I am a lazy Bum u see.. :p

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