Book Review – Men on my Mind by Radha Thomas

29381Men on My MindMen on my Mind
By                      Radha Thomas
Publisher       Rupa Publications India
Price                 195/-
Language        English
No Of Pages    280

You need at least 5 men to fulfill you, remember Draupadi! Her mother’s words, spoken long time back though not for her ears; keep ringing in her ears till today. Especially when she has managed to break free from her home.

I knew I was in for a 250 page fun ride the moment I read these lines!
Men on my Mind is about protagonist’s search in finding the right guy and the adventures that come in her way. It is about the roller coaster ride of this adventurous Indian girl who travels all the way from Mumbai to Panchagani, Delhi, New York, Fiji and China just to find her “Mr. Right” . The story swirls around 12 men who walk in and out of her life during this course. There is a dashing guy with a girly voice, a angry young man and many more. The girl takes us through her flirtatious journey in finding her true love.

The book has its own hits and misses. I enjoyed reading the parts where the protagonist shares her adventures with Shas, her BFF. I really liked the way their relation is portrayed in the book. It brought back memories of my school and college days. But there were some incidents like the one about the Catholic Convent Sisters asking girls to wear bloomers instead of usual innerwear which were a bit exaggerated. Other than that, the book surely is a hilarious take on men, love and relationships. The protagonist,  an Indian girl is bold and does not hesitate in juggling between 12 men searching for  “The Perfect One”!
The Language of the book flows smoothly and is easy to comprehend which makes it a page-turner. However, I got a little bored towards the end since there was an overdose of men in the book. The author could have restricted it to 5-6. The characters hardly ever grew on me because of the fast narration.

Overall, it’s a nice one time read.

A quick note about the author:-

Radha Thomas was born in Tamil Nadu, grew up in Mumbai and Delhi and then left for the USA to pursue her dream of becoming a jazz singer. She has been a tour guide in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, sung jazz with renowned artists in New York, organized trade shows and exhibitions in China, owned and run a boutique on Long Island, and worked for an art publisher in New York. She returned to India after about twenty years and found work in a publishing company. She used to host a weekly jazz show on the radio and continues to sing jazz when the mood strikes. She is also a trained Dhrupad singer and currently works for Explocity Pvt. Ltd, Bengaluru.

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2 responses

  1. it was fun book na.. there were scenes when i just laughed aloud in midnight waking up my daughter..

    1. Hey Am, You read it too? Its was a fun read indeed!

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