TRESemme Ramp Ready Hair – My Style

Allow me to thank TreSemme for the transformation it has brought on me. For the past one week there has not been a single day when my husband has not commented on my hairstyle!! And I can’t thank TreSemme enough for it!

Right from my childhood I have been someone with a very short hair. My broad forehead had been a concern to my parents since the time I was born. Don’t believe me? See this!


I got tired of  listening to gyan from so many people that  I decided to keep my hair short. One, it made them manageable and two it ensured that I did not have to listen to hair care tips given by every Tom, Dick and Harry. Oh yes, it did deprive me of my share of boyfriends in school, but who cared!!

vidya 7 001

My college years were no better! I decided to give myself a feminine touch with a chic hairstyle which would sometimes make me cute but most times my hair would look like that of Abdul Kalam. Then I got married to S. On the day of our marriage he mentioned to me that the one thing that turns him on is “good hair”. I was stumped. Of all things, he liked  girl’s hair? I knew I was in trouble so I started trying out different shampoos. I started making hairpacks with whatever was available in the kitchen.  Nothing worked. I even suggested that I would straighten them up but he thought it would look artificial. He preferred curls!


Last month I saw this Ad on TV and boy, was I impressed?

My main concern however was the price of the product. Afterall, it was a videsi (International hair care brand used by professionals) product and would come with its videsi price! But I noticed the words professional and affordable somewwhere on the Ad! So I decided to give it try.. My joy knew no bounds when Indiblogger announced a TreSemme contest. I applied for the sample and got my Smooth and shine parcel last week. I instantly loved the smell of the shampoo. When I started using it I realized there is more to it than meets the eye. It made my hair super smooth and very silky. “Where did all the frizz go?”, was my husband’s first reaction. There were absolutely no signs of frizz. On our date, on Wednesday evening this is how I looked,


Now isn’t this salon worthy? To me, it is and I could see that in my husband’s eyes!! And that’s the only thing that I care about!

Some of my favorite ramp ready hairstyles are:


This chic looking bun is a perfect style for an evening ramp.

pg-2012823413092847368000-aAnd this one for a typical north Indian wedding in Delhi.

diana2Now isn’t this a perfect bridesmaid look?


How about this for an afternoon luncheon?


And the above one for  romantic a dinner date.

Beautiful-Hairstyle-By-Hadiqa-Kiyani-Salon-4This hairstyle  is my absolute  favorite! I wish I had got TreSemme before my wedding. This would have been my first choice for the reception look.

Thanks to TreSemme I can try out all of these with much ease.

Here, have a look at this video. Now isn’t it simple?

Which one is your favorite?

Image Source: I would have wanted to give credits to all these photos but for the last minute entry. For now, its Google Images.

This post was written as a part of the contest for  TRESemme India Youtube Channel by Indiblogger.



3 responses

  1. Your hair are looking gorgeous. 🙂

  2. man I will just come running at the back of you for giving a non birthday bumps!!! I was eagerly reading your post, that seriously I believed you are similar to me and all the story till your college looks very similar to that of mine and when I saw your last photo !!! my jaw dropped!!!!!!! arey, there was no fault in your hair,!!!!!!!!! gah!!!! you look splendid, no wonder S was flatter that day 😀 😀 😀 will try with this shampoo!!!!!

  3. hey all the best.. :).. loved watching the videos..

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