Prayers, Do they even work?

I have been  going through a lot of ups and downs in the past few months. It is as if I am surrounded by anxiousness, hopelessness, anger and frustration. There was so  much of an emotional upheaval in the past few months that I insanely looked  for ways to come out of it.

images I wanted ‘something’ badly..I had convinced myself that if I get ‘this one’, I will not ask God for anything else. I prayed to God, prayed sincerely! Not just the Hindu ones but from all religions, for I did not care which one of them fulfilled my wish! All I cared was this ‘one’ thing..A “Law of attraction”  follower that I am, I even started believing that ‘the wish’ has been granted already. I acted, thought, spoke keeping that thing in mind.

Alas, when the D day came, I found that none of these  things worked. The prayers, The Secret, the Law of attraction. Nothing worked! I was crestfallen when I realized that all those prayers and positive thinking fundas failed miserably when put to test.. My whole belief system crashed in front of my eyes.. Prior to this, either I have never prayed that hard or whatever small prayers that I did bore results..This time it was different..I wanted this to work.. But it din’t!

Initially I was angry, not because I did not get what I wanted..I was angry because I have spent so much of my time and energy reading all these books about positive thinking, LoA etc etc. I have been going to bhajans and Upanyasams (Kathas) ever since I started understanding what it meant. Never did I question if God ever existed? I believed he was up there,  fulfilling everyone’s wants and wishes. So why was he not there to listen my prayers? Did he/she sleep off or forget what I had asked for? Oh, c’mon it was just one thing afterall!

I picked up bits and pieces of my broken beliefs and decided to move on. S believes that there is a time for everything and unless that time comes nothing can happen. He consoled me saying  what I want will definitely happen but I should not question ‘When’? It was easy for him to say that! But was it good enough to convince me?

Its like I have come to the end of the circle. My mind is so full of questions, questions whose answers my spiritual and religious mind demands!

If everything happens on its own, then why should we even pray?

If prayers can’t change the due course of things, then is it even necessary to pray?

If whatever has to happen will eventually happen then why should we even try?

If everything is pre-determined, consequence of karma then what is the role of free-will?

Is law of attraction and The Secret only a fake funda in those best selling books?

Finally, do prayers work?



8 responses

  1. Hugs Sia, prayers work or won’t work… is always on belief! but I am pretty sure, what you are expecting will come too soon to you… just work on the things which you want it sure you will be there… never question yourself, which will not end, and searching… as S said, its not the right time to happen!add you in my prayers.. don’t worry dear……
    hope everything fixes very soon take care…

    1. Thanks Chipmunk..I am still clinging on that hope only..

      1. I am sure that there will be a post soon saying that you the prayers has been fulfilled 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. These are the questions that people have been asking for generations together and received no answers, whatsoever. The force that created this earth and its beings, wants to keep certain secrets to itself! It’s my opinion that free-will exists, but in a limited way. That’s because I hate the very thought that we are totally controlled by some force and our destinies are pre-written in some book!

    Destination Infinity

    1. Exactly my point.. If everything is pre-defined then what motivation do we have to try?

  3. Try your level best. That’s all I can say. I only believe in thought and pray from heart.

    1. What answer do we have for people who try so much and yet fail? They pray hoping that it would be fulfilled!

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