My Gourmet Party – Dilwalon ki Dilli Style

The moment I sent a group email to all my friends about my planned visit to Chennai this weekend, out came so many replies..This is the first time I am going Chennai for a week long leisurely vacation..Past few visits have been just touch and go type and I hardly had time to meet my friends. I wanted to meet them this time and cool down all of their temper :)..They have always complained that I have changed post marriage and I no longer spend time with them..Moreover, they were also irritated that I did not throw a bachelorette party for them..When I replied to all of them saying I will give them a nice treat this time at BBQ Nation or Saravana Bhavan they refused point blank..

I understood that any amount of hotel food is not enough to pacify them..So I started racking my mind and decided to throw them a nice “Dilwalon Ki Dilli” style party.
Deciding the Theme

I will call them all for dinner and we will have an All girls night out..Since I am currently living in Delhi and none of my Tamil friends have had too many opportunities to taste North Indian food this seemed like the best option..Place was not going to be a concern because everyone from my in-laws side have a pretty big house..I called up my husband’s aunt.. She said she will be going to Australia around that time but has offered  to leave the keys behind..She has even agreed to empty some space for us and clean up the whole house before she leaves..I know! Really sweet for her to do this..Since the house is going to be empty I have decided to have a nice evening dinner party with an extended night out..Sounds fun, Right? I have already sent an scanned invite to all my friends!

Here’s the invite card..


TableCushion Covers

I have bought a few Block prints and Jaipuri work cushion covers, bedsheets and few other accesories from Delhi local markets..

I called up my aunt and asked her to send a pic of the beautiful square table that she has in her drawing room..Here, it is.

I have decided to arrange this table in the middle and serve all dishes here..


I have thought of lining up a few mattresses along the sides and arrange some trendy cushions and Bolsters.


I will use the Diwan that we already have on the other side..

So the final image that I have in mind would be something like this..The table set out in the middle and the sides arranged like this.

Traditional Rajasthani thali at the Pillars restaurant at Umaid Bhawan palace

What am I gonna wear:

I am gonna stun them all wearing this beautiful cotton anarkali. Anarkalis are totally in vogue these days and I am sure they are gonna be envious of me, in a nice way!


Menu Planning :
The only problem about this whole Gourmet party was cooking at someone else’s kitchen which was going to be bit of a challenge..I have never cooked outside of my culinary area before so I started looking out for options..There are many ready-to-eat a delicacies available in the market today. I have tried several of them but I can swear by the range of products from Kitchens Of India..


They are very rich in terms of flavours as well as choices. Almost everything that I have thought for the menu is available..They also have a delectable assortment of gravies by the ITC Master Chefs..

Now comes menu planning part..From their varied gourmet list that Kitchens of India has to offer I have chosen the below menu for my party.


To start off I am gonna make a chilled Strawberry crusher with Kitchens of India Stawberry and Mint Conserve. I will blend this conserve along with some lime and crushed ice  in the blender and make a nice strawberry crusher. I add some crushed fresh strawberries and top it up with some mint and basil..


It will be a nice start to Chennai’s scorching heat..


I have decided to make some Onion Pakoras and Kitchens of India Tomato Chilli Chutney..Since we will be talking for hours there should be something for us to munch.. I want something that is easy to make and tasty also. I would roast some Jeera or Pepper papads served with some nice chutneys. I will make a tangy tomoto, coriander and onion topping and with a spoonful of squeezed lime. I will serve this with Kitchens of India Hot Mango Chutney .


This would be a perfect munch for our endless gossips 🙂

Main course:

All my friends are vegetarian so I don’t not have to worry about the non veg dishes..I have decided to have 3 curries, Dal Bhukara, Parathas, Vegetable Biryani and Boondi raita for the main course..

Paneer is an all time favorite for all vegetarians. Kitchens of India has some amazing Panner dishes ready-to-eat..I had to pick between Paneer Malai, Paneer Darbari or Mughali Paneer.

Paneer dishes

I have chosen Paneer Malai. It is fresh and Soft paneer sauteed with onions, cinnamon and green cardamom in a rich creamy tomato sauce.

The next subji I am confused between Kitchens of India Pindi Choley or Kitchens of India Palak Paneer ..

MC3 Pindi Choley


You see with so many options that Kitchens of India offers one tends to get confused between what to pick..Everyone knows that Delhi is known for its

Choleys. So I have decided to serve Choley instead of palak paneer..Besides we already have one paneer dish..

Then I have planned to make some Dum Aloo.. I know! I know, you are all worried now..But trust me Kitchens of India will come to my rescue yet again.. I am going to use their Onion and Yoghurt Cooking sauce from their Cooking sauces range..


Once the gravy is readily available, boiling potatoes, mixing up and cooking it will not take too much time.

Recently, I made Vegetable Biryani with Kitchens of India Vegetable Biryani Masala mix and it was an instant hit at my house.

biryani raita

So I am going to try and present the same thing with some Boondi Raita and Kitchens of India Dal Bhukara.


Since most of my dishes are ready to eat, it will only need heating which I can do right when we heat..I will cook the Dum Aloo and Veg Biryani in the afternoon itself..Since I have pre-made gravies cooking them would hardly take any time..


For the desserts I have thought about Hazoori Petha Halwa..Its a North Indian delicacy made from grated petha, cooked in ghee, milk and khoya, garnished with raisins. The distinctive flavours of this halwa make it the perfect dessert for any occasion.


Petha is a very a common Noth India dish and people in South would have hardly heard of it.. So this would be a new delicacy for them..
To be frank planning this whole party seemed a bit overwhelming initially. All thanks to Kitchens of India and their brilliant online website..But for it I could not have dared to host a party like this..I could order most of these items from their website and the rest I have picked up from the store. Not only am I excited, I am also eager to taste all these dishes..Just writing about it has made me Slurp!

Post Dinner Events:

Since we will have one whole night at out disposal I have bought an UNO cards pack and few other board games..I have also made a list of 100 Hindi and Tamil songs which I will play in the background..Most of these songs are the ones we loved during our college days..But I am sure all of us will be talking and pulling each others legs instead of playing just like we used to do during our college. I can’t wait to land at Chennai!

Return Gifts:

I have also decided nice return gifts for all of them.. I would give them Kitchens of India Gourmet Gift Packs which are ideal for families.

Gift Pack

Each pack contains Jodhpuri Moong Dal Halwa and Awadhi Badam Halwa. This way  the aroma of my party will linger in each of their houses as well.

I have also bought these beautiful Phulkari Kurthis for all of us..


I can’t wait to get clicked with all my friends wearing this beautiful kurta..

And I am so eager to serve these dishes to all my friends and capture their reactions..I bet this party is going to be a big hit and all my friends are going to remember me and the food for a long time..

This post is written for ‘My Weekend Party with Gourmet Food’ contest on IndiBlogger sponsored by Kitchens of India.


By the way, if you are also planning a party then go to Kitchens of India online store and order whatever you need from the wide range of delicacies they offer!


Most of these images are from Kitchens of India website, a few here and there from Google Images.

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10 responses

  1. Good one. Party Dilli style… Am I invited 🙂

    1. Jas- Ofcourse you are 🙂

  2. Hi Sia, I am so sorry I have been following the blogs just never got time to reply, was on a trip to india from jan to march and when I came back I don’t even know when I got so busy. Your post sounds like soooo much fun and not to mention delicious mmmmmm yummies! Hope you have a wonderful time ~! 😀

    1. ssrini12- I was wondering where you disappeared suddenly? Hope to see more of you in blogsphere..Keep writing!

  3. Oops…if it’s an girls night out, then toh i won’t be invited 😦

    1. Lol, This one is an All girls Night out 😉

  4. A very well planned party 🙂
    Good luck for the contest!!

    1. Thanks My Era 🙂

  5. congrats dear.. :).. treat and party time..

    1. Thanks AM :).. Come home..Have ordered loads of KOI products..Party pakka 🙂

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