Living amidst scientists..

As most of you know S is my college mate.. What you guys do not know is that I was just one roll number behind him. The first time I saw him, he was busy solving Maths problems during our first semester exam when I was utterly clueless about which question to attempt. Frankly speaking, he gave me a scare that time.  I was already worried that I would flunk. Even if I had some remote chance to clear the paper, the examiner would fail me since he would have corrected S’s paper before mine. I was sure he must have set a very high expectation already.. I used to curse him  a lot for being next to me in the attendance order..  Soon we started talking and now I can say that he is the reason I cleared Anna University with such good marks. He would force me to study, teach me till I understood, wake me up from my deep slumber and what not!! I owe my engineering degree to him. I still remember there would be only two people talking in our  class. The professor and S.  There were times when he would ask a question and our poor profs would be scratching their head to give him a convincing answer. A few of them gave up and requested S to be silent in the class, they were so threatened by his questions :P..

I knew S was always this super-intelligent and brainy types. And I was sure I would have a lot of oops and awws moments when I signed up for this marriage. But sometimes it becomes so embarrassing that I feel like digging a hole and hiding myself there.

The other day I asked him the password of his computer. He gave me some random number/alphabet. I kept wondering how could he remember some random sequence. It did not make sense to me. And then he asked me if I figured out what it was. As usual I din’t! I mean how can someone who can only manage to have eatables as her password think of something so strange. I wracked my brain and yet I did not get what it was.. I am still figuring out by the way 🙂

I overheard a conversation between S and Bil sometime back. Bil skid his bike and hurt his leg.And here these guys are discussing something on the lines of force, speed friction..They went on and on discussing about what happens when the front brakes are applied and the rear wheel skids and vice versa. I don’t even remember half of what they spoke since I was totally lost..Bil is a close competition to S when it comes to intelligence. Now can you imagine my plight ??  (Yes I need some sahanubhuti now) 😦 😦

Yesterday, we were watching The Burning Train. I have always been a huge fan of that movie and felt it was much ahead of its times. Normally the men in my house do not appreciate Hindi serials and movies  unless it is really good. They tend to compare it with Hollywood and mock all the overacting that happens in  Hindi movies. So when I started watching the movie these guys started comparing it with The Unstoppable and Train to Pelham 123. I mean, I know those are brilliant movies but you can’t expect Bollywood to make movies of such kind, can you? So, seeing me so engrossed in the movie, these guys immediately started on how this movie has so many flaws. Infact, if you have a discussion with them you would finally agree that most of the concepts and scenes contradict physics principles.  😉 One such scene which was majorly flawed is this :- Vinod Khanna jumps from one train to the burning train with a rope. S was rolling on the floor with laughter watching that. When I asked him why here is what he says, ” The length of the rope  is much more than the height of the train. So if he could swing from one train to another he should definitely have fallen on the ground which he din’t”..This wasn’t the only one..There were many such flaws which these guys found in the movie and by the time they finished explaining all the theory and meaning behind it, the movie got over!!

Next time the movie comes on TV I am gonna throw these guys out of the house and watch it alone with some pop-corn and chai!!



2 responses

  1. LOL, free ka gyaan mil raha hai, le lo 😀 😀

    Waise, brother and I love to dissect movies *sheepish grin* We make so much fun of the soaps and movies if they show silly stuff.

    In my case its the other way round. I am the brainy type, while Zack is at his wits end to figure out what I am telling 😀 Psst…go ahead, tell the password, I love to crack puzzles 😉

    1. Arey yahan to gyan ka overdose chalta hai..I think I will have to team up with Zack here..:)

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