Do I like what I do?

When I logged on to Facebook to check for updates, you know what I found? My childhood buddy’s pic with none other than SRK.

The very next moment, I picked up the phone , called him to ask how, when,  where and what not..

This guy, H, that I am talking about is a simple gujju who has been my classmate since LKG..His father is a photographer and H inherits his genes…He has always always been passionate about photography and is an amazing photographer. He tried his hands on CA, finished till Intermediate level and quit after many failed attempts. He ,then went to Mumbai where his brother was already a freelance photographer and started doing what he was best at – Photography.. Slowly he moved to media and started producing reality shows..When I spoke to him  couple of years back he was still  struggling to get a proper break .  He was doing some late night TV shows in Music channels and he knew these were shows that no-one watched. What was worse is that this guy took care of all the production and many a times it was his senior who took away all the credits. H envied my permanent job and the fat pay package that I got, although my salary then was half of what I earn today.  What he earned was just enough for his survival in Mumbai..He still enjoyed what he did.. He had that spark in his voice, an unmatched enthusiasm to make it big in media industry..

Today when I spoke to him, he had that same spark. I was teasing him if he still remembered me now that he has started meeting a lot of celebrities..After a few customary exchanges he asked me about my job. Although I did try to glorify my job and make it sound all cool, I still was not convinced. Agreed, my jobs pays me really well, and it gives me the comfort of working from home, yada yada but the real question is if I like what I do?  Frankly speaking I don’t!! I have never liked coding and I sucked at it big time. However, when I got the offer from the first company that came to campus I could not refuse. I did try to get an internal change in HR which I still think is my passion but the company that I worked for refused to oblige. When none of the opportunities worked for me I joined my current company at a much higher package. Now if I have to quit there is too much money at stake and I do not know if its good for me and S financially, considering the various commitments that we have. So, where was I? Ya, when H asked me about my job I gave this cool answer about consulting, ERP, reports etc etc but deep down I know none of it matters to me.

H, on the other hand could talk on and on about his job. Meeting celebrities is just a small part of it, what he does is much more creative and cool. He produces red carpet events of various award shows, does involving everything right from conceptualizing to editing, produces a lot of other music shows  that I rave about.. Isn’t that cool? I felt really nice talking to him..HE had an infectious enthusiasm and spirit..He still envied about my package but I would any day trade my salary for a job as interesting and creative as his!!

Today when I see girls and boys of my age as wedding photographers, entrepreneurs, speech therapists, social workers, travel bloggers etc I feel what am I doing with my life..This is 8 hours coding job is not what I want to do..This is certainly not something that I am best at..I can’t even relate myself to it.. But the question is what do I do about it?

I many be wrong and as the saying goes the grass is always greener on the other side..But I still strongly believe that its important that you do what you like the best, follow your heart and pursue your passion. Salary and other comforts are secondary and it can never beat the satisfaction that you draw out of your job at the end of the day..

So folks, are you passionate about your job or are you also whining and hoping for the best?



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  1. Me and my career! It has been my biggest worry for a long time. Though I like coding, I know it’s not something which makes me happy. I always get this feeling that I should do something which makes me happy. Hoping to figure out what that is some day!

    1. Aww Arch, You are so much like me when it comes to career..I hope you find your passion soon 🙂

  2. I love my job! I do not think that anything else would give me such a high as an unsolved coding logic gives me. Once I crack it, the adrenaline rush is awesome 😀 On days when do not have any project assigned, I look into learning new technologies. They keep me engrossed 🙂

    1. Visha – Don’t get me wrong but I will give you the title of nerd 😀 from now on :)..You are S ki choti behen 😛

      1. oh come on, I was always a nerd, from times immemorial 😛 😛

      2. Hahaha..There you are!! See I was right!

  3. I am very fortunate to love what I do…I agree that everyone must do something they are passionate about rather than worry about the money factor. Yes there are days I wish I could get more money but in the end, it’s not everything. I could talk about my work and issues around it for days and days. 🙂 One of my best friends from high school told me years ago that I was the only one among us who had the guts to say no to following the engineering-medical path that everyone was at that time. She’s in IT and doesn’t enjoy her job but does it anyway. She’s said several times she wishes she had had the guts to do what I did. I don’t think it’s guts and I don’t think it’s ever too late to change professions…

    1. Babbler – In that case I must say you are really lucky..Although I completely agree that it is never too late to change your career and follow your passion. I just hope in my case the passion gets ahead of my inertia..

  4. I totally totally love my job!! I love the everyday challenges.. though I have cribbed about the stress, I like it too in a way. On days I have no work, I kind of feel so bored. There are some days I wish I wasnt working here. Its not my passion towards coding or testing. My interests are somewhere else, but then I love this job too!

    1. Gb – You are one those few people who takes every situation positively..Its a blessing to have this quality..Just stay the way you are..You will never have too many worries in life 🙂

      1. 🙂 🙂 Thanks dear. I am sure you would go find your passion soon and chase after it.

      2. 🙂 How much wish that happens!

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