When I read Visha‘s post on Scrapbooks, I got so tempted that I decided to write about it. I have had scrapbooks during my school, junior college and my engineering college..15 years down the line scrapbooks are such joy to read..Even now I love reading those old entries from my friends at various stages of life, promising to be with me in my highs and lows..Read about those pacts that we made which  were meant to last till the ants wore pants 😛

The first ever  scrapbook that I had was a small one with some pink flowers and ribbons on its cover. By the end of my 10th std the whole book was filled..The book reminds me of so many funny moments that I had during my school days..Like-

  •  How I got it filled from my English mam..She was my favorite. When she wrote her favorite actress was Sandra Bullock I immediately asked my older cousins to show me who she was! This mam, I thought was very cool and knowing her favorites meant knowing about cool things in life..I was so naive!
  • How I got it filled from A, who had a huge crush on me..I remember my friends had challenged me to get the book filled by him and I, being a jhaansi ki raani marched towards his class. When I handed him the book there were huge OOOhhhs and Aaaahhhs from his classroom..His friends blew the whole issue out of proportion.. Again, how childish!!
  • My scrapbook got filled in no time and I asked Amma to buy a new one for me.. She always found it a waste of money..Ofcourse she never said no to it!! I remember my sister had a much better scrapbook. Hers was big and it was hard bound purple colour book..There were a lot of nice and funny things in her book and I was the first one to fill hers :)..

My junior college scrapbook had very few entries..Somehow I could never make as many friends  in my junior college..I was very close to this one girl Sne who eventually drifted apart..I tried resurrecting our relation a few months back but I realized we are poles apart  in our thoughts, habits and everything…We could not connect the way we did back in our college days.. But even now reading her entry in my book gives a very warm feeling..Sigh, I can’t bring her back to my life!!

Well, my engineering college scrapbook is the most interesting one.. Unlike my childhood scrapbooks, I bought a handmade paper book which had flower petals and leaves ingrained in it.. It was the best ever. And when the pages got over in that book I bought one more, a simple diary with a neat button which made it look like a bag..Very recently I was reading my engineering  scrapbook and had a hearty laugh over what people had written about me..

Now that I have told you all my scrapbook kissas, let’s get back to the business. As I told you, Visha who came out with this post has given a tag..So here I go :-

Favourite colour : Maroon, Lavender, Black..Actually I am yet to figure out which one I love the most..

Favourite actor : Shahrukh Khan ;), Kamal Hassan, Vikram..

The websites you visit without fail : Gmail, WordPress, Facebook, Google,Desitashan,  Indusladies(recent obsession)

Your ‘pep-up’ food : Pav Bhaji or Poha or kickass rasam with Bhindi curry..

Where would you prefer to live – mountain, beach, plains or valley : A valley

The latest dream you can recollect : Two days back I dreamt that Catelyn  Stark was opposing my marriage with Robb Stark and  taking me to the Targaryens..How weird is that? S says I am scandalous and that I dream about marrying another man :P..Btw these are characters from the Game of Thorns about which I had mentioned here.. YOu can see how big a mad fan I am already!!

Items which are always in your wallet : Credit/Debit cards, driving license,Pan card, One Vaishnao Devi coin, a small Mirror..

Five years ago, at this time what were you doing : I must have been definitely talking to S..He had joined IIM by then and I must have been  missing him..So definitely talking or gossiping about his college chicks..

Your quote of the day : Read it today morning :- The best thing about future is that it comes one day at a time..So don’t worry about the future..Cheers and Enjoy 🙂


8 responses

  1. Its nice to have scrapbooks. I always want to have one. But I never did all this stuff. I guess I will do it when I get into my university for the memories and stuff. My best friend has always done that. and this scrapbook post is interesting. I am thinking to do something like that on my blog too, with just some amendments. Haha. Love your blog. Added it to my list. 🙂

    1. Hi Ridx- Nice to have you here :)..Slambooks are really nice things. Infact they remind me of so many beautiful memories now. You can consider this post as a prompt and write one yourself. Will be interesting to hear about your likes and dislikes.. 🙂

  2. I never owned one, always used to fill others only 😛
    So happy to see you fill the scrapbook here 😀
    Even I visit desitashan now that I do not watch TV. Its good to keep a tab on the story once in a blue moon 😉

  3. Arey waah! This is such a super nostalgic post. Loved reading Visha’s and your take on it! 🙂 I had an amazing black coloured slambook (that’s what we called them) that papa got for me. It was so beautiful and had only 30 entries that I had to choose people 😛 Such grand old kiddish days! I had autograph books for teachers with blank pages and would notice some teachers using quote books to fill our autograph books 😛
    Took me down the memory lane! 🙂

    1. Slambook!!!!!Yesss, this is the name I was looking for.. We used to call it slambooks only and I kept thinking why scrapbook did not like a correct word..Now I got it..Thanks Toffee 🙂
      I think you should do a post on Slambook too 🙂

  4. Loved reading more about you Sia 🙂
    Reading old scrapbook really gives warm fuzzy feelings!! You know i feel the same way, when i read my old blog posts and comments by blogger friends on them 🙂

    1. Thanks techie2mom..Sorry for replying so late..

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