Finally Nirbhaya’s soul would rest in peace!

I have been hearing about rapes since the time I started reading newspapers..Initially it looked like such things happened only in the lower strata of society.. When I grew up and started hearing more I brushed it off thinking it happened to only those girls who went out with bad drunk boys in the ungodly hours of night.. Later when Nirbhaya incident happened, it hit me hard..Because it was then that I realized that rapes could happen to anyone..You, Me or just anyone!! Yet I  never wrote or talked much about the incident here or anywhere because I had no hopes on our judiciary system. I knew the case would forever be on the table, Nirbhaya’s parents walking in and out of the courts and justice would never be served. In a country like India where every single thing is a political gimmick, every single move or judgement is just a step to draw more votes, I felt there is no hope left for people like us..


Mere mention of Nirbhaya  shivers me down my spine..I often think about her parents, that helpless father who sold his land to educate his daughter, watch his daughter die in front of his eyes..I suppressed all my emotions- anger, frustrations, sadness..Even after reading about the juvenile being let free after 3 yrs I silently hoped atleast death to the other 4 would bring some respite.. Like a school kid waiting for her board results I kept refreshing TOI page, dying to see what the verdict was…And finally I saw this:

It’s death for all four!!

I cried!  I cried thinking about that poor girl who is a daughter, sister and a friend, about that heinous crime that was committed on her.. I wailed thinking about Nirbhaya’s parents and her brothers..Nothing can take away the extent of pain they have gone through.. Even death penalty sounds so small for the crime they committed..  I wish those 4 accused  die every single day till the actual D day..Now I finally heave a sigh of relief!
While deep down I know this one death sentence would never give justice to the 20000 rape cases that are still pending in the court..Neither would this ensure that more such crimes would not happen in the society..  I do not expect any kind of reform either..Infact. I even heard the defense lawyer say that the judgement was more of a political move.. Yet I am happy  because I know after 11 months of ordeal this one sentence would have brought a small smile on Nirbhaya’s parents faces, a relief to her brothers. It is for them that I feel justice was served..
I just feel so overwhelmed about the whole incident, the pain it has caused to so many people, the memories that has scarred Nirbhaya’s parents forever! This one judgement has indeed brought back my lost faith in our judicial system..

3 responses

  1. I hope I hope I really hope that they are hanged to death. In a country like India and Pakistan, you cant expect anything even after the sentence but lets hope for their death. even though its not a bit of the pain of what her family is going through and will go through their entire lives. Practically, they should be publicly executed by having their organs cut, mutilated and all that. They should be given a thousand deaths before they actually die. so that next time a guy thinks a thousand time before actually committing it.

  2. So true, but this punishment must shiver others and must make mandatory!!! I wish something happens to the fifth guy too. Juvenile can be a reason, but they could have given a verdict saying, till he becomes adult he can be imprisoned and the D-day he becomes major he must be hanged!! I would have praised if this were the judgement! but still I am happy at least fair judgement was given to the rest four!

    1. I agree chipmunk..The whole concept of having 18 as the upper limit for juvenile is absurd. These days 14-15 year olds know what sex, rape and murder means. The age should definitely be brought down to say 15 or 16.

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