Few things I never understood..

When you have two lifts in an apartment, why do people press both? I mean if one of the lifts is faulty or slow then understood..Otherwise, Why? Today while I was carrying a huge bag full of vegetables, I missed entering the first lift  just by a whisker. And when I turned to catch the second one it was gone too..So I waited patiently for both these lifts to go to the 9th floor and come down. Just then one lady came and pressed both the buttons when I had already pressed one. I did not have the energy to argue to discuss this with her. But I would definitely want to know the reason someday.

Why do some people overtake you from the left, give you sharp cut and expect you to slow down! Isn’t it wrong to overtake from the left in the first place? What is worse is that people do that mistake and expect the other party to be apologetic for not slowing done! Uff!! ye Gurgaon ki sadken and Gurgaon ke log!!

Why do all theTV serial directors take the viewers for granted.. As it is Hindi cinema and Hindi serials have very few good things to offer. Very rarely do we have serial that would give you a rational and realistic view of things. Otherwise most of our serials are only about Saas-Bahu Saazish.. So when things are going good why do these directors bring a nasty twist? In fact I have stopped watching almost all serials because they either got too boring or started giving some crappy twist in the name of suspense or leap or whatever..From 5-6 I am down to just 2 serials..One is Maharana Pratap which  is aired on Sony TV. I love this one because I do not know too many details of Maha Rana pratap’s life..And the other one is Jodha Akbar even though I did not like Akbar’s character that much. This guy looks to lallu to pull off Shehenshah Akbar’s role.. (I prefer Akbar from Akbar-Birbal tales and wonder if these two were same? I mean such a contrast!.) Isn’t it sad that Hollywood makes Harry Potter,Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and all we can boast of is Ramayana and Mahabharat, epics which we have had for centuries..Don’t we have talents that can make serials like the ones I mentioned above in this generation? Sigh!




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  1. i appreciate your thinking on serials we Indians prefer to see sober thing. we never see feel excited to see the growth of technology. . .i must say the sense of pacify is great when they see almost same scenario in the tv.

    1. Yes but don’t you think its time for us to change for good, think beyond saas bahu disputes?

  2. I think Sia people press both buttons so that whichever lift comes down first they can catch that one.. ???

    1. Yes, exactly..But isn’t it wrong is what I ask. At any point one would enter only one lift so what is the point of having both available for you.

  3. Haha As for the last thing, I know Indian serials are all about saas bahu sazish. But man, i used to watch that Maan Geet on starone and I loved it. I mean I LOVE IT TO THE CORE. Its dramatic I know but then I love it. Its may be coz I like both Maan and Geet in real life. I want to watch that Madhubala too. I am just looking for the cds so that I can see both of them. And a long time ago, I watched Mili drama that was on starplus. I like that one too plus Shararat Drama.
    Bdw you can watch Pakistani dramas too. They are good. Go to dramasonline.com and you can watch them for free. Should I suggest you some?

    1. Hey Ridx,
      I have not watched Man Geet but I heard madhubala is quite popular..I have not watched any Pakistani dramas but if you suggest some I will try 🙂

  4. hmmm i am also one of those ppl who press both the list buttons, hoping to get inside which ever gets faster. :).
    about the serial part, i just lost hope. i cant to wait to see it again on time everyday. i prefer watching a movie and get over with the suspense. :).

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