Gurgaon Diaries- Ultrasound Clinics in Gurgaon

One thing I have realized is that there is not much of information available online when it comes to life in Gurgaon in general. In the sense I haven’t really come across too many blogs that caters specifically to Gurgaon audience and blogs are the first thing I turn to when it comes to anything. So instead of waiting for someone to do the honors I decided to write and share whatever little I know about this place. Well, it would also help me when I have terrible bouts of bloggers block 😉 Like, when my mind refuses to think of anything I will make the shops, markets, doctors of Gurgaon my bakra 😛 Jokes apart this indeed is an honest attempt to help people who are new in Gurgaon, and are in the lookout for some genuine information online.

My first post in the ‘Gurgaon Diaries’ series is about the Ultrasound Clinics in Gurgaon. And before you try to infer something- I am not pregnant, not yet 😛

Since I live on the New Gurgaon side I do not have too much of information about clinics on the other side of NH which includes areas like Palam Vihar, Udhyog Vihar, Sector 14 etc to name a few. I am writing only about the clinics that I have personally visited or gone there with friends or have heard about from trusted source.

Apollo Ultrasound Clinic :- Apollo Sector 56 has an ultrasound clinic with radiologist available almost everyday morning and evening. The ultrasound room was okay in size and the radiologist was also fairly ok. They do both abdominal and TVS. The prices were also normal as compared to other private clinics. The toilets are also pretty clean. And if you take an appointment and go, there is not any waiting time also. (The places is never over-crowded). My only problem with Apollo Sector 56 is the hygiene factor. When I went there for a blood test long back,  they called some random guy who was not even in uniform to take the sample. This was a little bit of a disappointment as compared to Max Gurgaon whose pathology lab is much cleaner and organised. This guy after taking the blood sample did not immediately dispose (burn) the needle. Being a paranoid that I am I would definitely not trust them hereafter, when it comes to following these kind of safety norms. So even though there isn’t anything particularly wrong about the radiology section, I still am not very comfortable going to Apollo Sector 56 unless absolutely necessary although I stay very close to this clinic.

Ultrasound clinic at Max Hospital Gurgaon:  I have never faced any cleanliness or hygiene related problems like above in Max Gurgaon. They have always been very systematic in their billing, blood tests etc. However one very big problem with the Max hospital is the waiting time. The hospital is always over-flowing with people and it can take anything between 2-3 hours for just an ultrasound, sometimes even after taking an appointment. I took my grandmother for an ultrasound here and waited for nearly 1.5 hours. I am not sure if they have multiple ultrasound machines because the situation has been the same in both Patparganj and Gurgaon branches.  Otherwise the charges are almost the same as compared to Apollo Clinic and the toilet facilities are ok too.

Dr.Anmol’s Ultrasound Clinic near Nirvana County, South CIty 2 :- Now, I had been to this place almost 2 years back. So I am really not sure of their facilities have improved/ degraded since my last visit. Since I did not have a very pleasant experience I have not really gone back to them, There wasn’t wrong about the doctor or the radiology units as such but this clinic did not have a toilet inside. After drinking 2-3 litres of water the first thing you can think of is a clean toilet to take a leak. Reports and everything else takes a back seat. I hope all of you would agree..So when I asked teh assistants for toilets they asked me to use the one on the shopping complex. Shopping complexes like that one, Supermart, Vyapar Kendra, Qutub Plaza are not malls and the toilets are very bad in all these places.. So it was a huge negative for me when I had to use one such toilet. I really hope they have a clean toilet inside the clinic now otherwise this place is a big NO according to me.

Dr Mahajan’s Ultrasound Clinic, Galleria Supermarket :-Dr Mahajan’s Clinic is among the better ultrasound clinics in Gurgaon. Infact, some of my friends and neighbors are a huge fan of this place and have gone here for their whole pregnancy term. This place is quite expensive as compared to the one mentioned above but they are much better in service. The place is not very big and the toilets are also ok. We can get the reports the same day ( within few minutes). The doctor is also very sweet. I was not completely satisfied but there is nothing negative about this place.

The Ultrasound Clinic, Gurgaon :- The only reason I would not go to Galleria is because I love this clinic, the whole ambience, the staff and the doctor especially. Everyone here is always smiling. The whole atmosphere is very soothing and gives you a very calm and peaceful feeling. Dr.Girish Pandit is again a very chill person. He patiently answers all your queries with a  smile on his face. The toilets are very clean. Although the prices are quite high as compared to others for the service you get in return its worth it! Overall I would rate this clinic among the best ones in Gurgaon from among the list I have mentioned above.

Please note that this is not a paid review. Eevrything I have mentioned above is purely based on my own experience. My intention is to give a very fair and unbiased opinion about various services in  Gurgaon. If you feel there are better ultrasound clinics than this then please leave a comment. It would help many people who are looking for good places.

Even if you are in a different city share you experience about good Ultrasound clinics. You never know how it would benefit people.



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  1. arey.. first i thought you were pregnant.. i am surprised what make you visit so many places.. but good research. i am sure it going to help someone or the other..

  2. Such an informative and needed post Sia 🙂 Tahnk you for taking tiem to share it 🙂 Very very nice of you!

  3. Awesome, useful post. Thanks a ton.

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