Lunchbox and my Love for Mumbai…

I finally watched “The Lunchbox’..Whattay a movie!



The first thing that drew me into watching this movie was the cast. With people like Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui you just can’t go wrong because you can never make a movie that is not good when you have people like them. Such is the standard that these heroes have set! ‘The Lunchbox’ is a simple movie about how one can find love in the most unexpected place , in the most unexpected way, here through letters passed inside a lunchbox.. The movie has many small- small emotions layered on top of one another forming it a very poignant love story. Its love at a whole new level where the people who fall in love never meet each other. It is a beautiful and intricate relationship shared between two loners who are brought together by chance or mistake you may call it, and how how they find comfort in sharing their day to day life with each other.  Anything more I write will spoil the whole fun of watching this movie, I would only say that its a must watch for people who believe and respect love as a beautiful emotion. Please go and watch the movie before it goes off the theaters. Such movies are not made often in Bollywood.


On a totally different note, just yesterday I was telling S that I wanted to go to Mumbai. As always he had to disagree. S and for that matter all Delhiites have a major problem with Mumbai and vice versa. Agreed Mumbai can never give us the certain kind of life style that we have here in Gurgaon. Houses are very expensive. But Mumbai is Mumbai, its  full of life. The city dwells people from all strata of society and what is important is, that all of them are happy. Mumbai, to me means happiness. Even a daily wager eating vada pao near a railway station is a happy man in his own way. I agree buying a house in Mumbai is out of question, renting one close to your office might also cost you a bomb and finally the one house fitting your pockets might be 20Kms away from your workplace. S being born and brought up in Delhi has never even traveled in Delhi Metro much. He is used to moving around in cars while driving in Mumbai is a nightmare. I can’t even dream of him travelling daily in Mumbai local trains.  But I have always been fond of Mumbai, ever since A told me all the fun that he had while doing his MBA in Mumbai. But I have my own reasons for liking Mumbai, something that S would never agree to. So you can only imagine the difference of opinions we had and the argument that followed. In the end he just said, we are not going to that city and that’s final.

Today when I watched the movie my love for Mumbai and its people only increased. Those dabbawallas supplying dabba all over Mumbai with so much ease, merrily singing bhajans enroute. Those busy people grabbing just a couple of bananas for lunch or those middle class neighbours talking to each other shouting at the top of their voice. Everything about this place is enchanting. True, it might never match the snob elite lifestyle that people have in Delhi but one should definitely spend some part of their life in Mumbai because is all about life.

As far as I am concerned, I go by the Tamil saying Raman irukkara idam dan Sitai ku Ayodhyai which means ‘To Sita the place where Ram lives is only Ayodhya’. So all you Mumbai walas I so envy you :(. Let see if life gives us an opportunity to live in the city of dreams..

Have a nice weekend!!



4 responses

  1. I liked the movie too, it was a sweet and simple love story. I particularly loved the notes Irfan khan sends in English, the food is too salty etc ones.. 😀 My favorite one was ‘Ira, we forget things if we don’t have anyone to tell them to’ 🙂

    And I love Mumbai too, just through movies and some blogs. I have never been there but keep telling Ims that I want to visit Mumbai someday and also see SRK’s house 😛

    1. Hi Jazz – Ditto! SRK s house visit is on my To-Do list as well :P..
      Thanks for dropping by..

  2. i could not get time to watch this movie..will watch it very soon! I just love Irrfan Khan..she is a superb actor

    thanks for the nice review 🙂

    1. Hi Hummingwords – Watch it when you can. Its a brilliant movie.. And I agree – Irrfan is one of the finest actors in Bollywood..

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