Dear 2015..

I hope you don’t disappoint me like 2014!

I still remember how I chanted the “2014 is my year” mantra only to face a string of disappointments. But then is it wise to put all the bad feelings behind and let bygones be bygones? 

So dear 2015,


Please be kind to me!!

P.S:- In case you all still remember me, Wish you a  very happy new year 🙂



6 responses

  1. ups and downs are way if life… that is what spices up life .. else it will be too bland 🙂

    heres wishing you get all that you dream for in the new year

    HAPPY new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    1. Thanks Bikramjit. Well said 🙂
      Happy new year to you too. How have you been?

  2. Welcome back Sia 🙂 Wish you a very happy new year:) How have you been? Long time… 🙂

    1. Thanks GB 🙂 Long time indeed.. I hope we(virtually) meet often now..

  3. […] had taken a year long hiatus from this blog. Not just one but for many reasons. Like I said in my last post I had very high hopes from 2014- personal, professional. In the end I was left with […]

  4. […] I brood about 2014 not being too good to me, I must agree it had its high points too. In fact there were quite a few […]

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