Acts of Kindness..

Incident 1 :- We had a family function my father-in-law’s 60th birthday celebrations at home last week. (Will write in detail about this). Almost everyone from the inlaw’s family attended the function except S’s aunt V. Aunt V is mil’s elder sister and they are very close. Aunt V is out for country for personal reason and she was not in a position to come to Delhi to attend  this grand event. It goes without saying that she was terribly homesick because she was missing all the fun. She called on the day of the function and was sounding very upset and sad.

Once all the functions were over, I wanted to document the event. This is the first event that S, I and bil organised with least interference  support from elders. I wanted to chronicle each and every bit for my reference. So that someday when I am  stressed about small mundane work, I can look at this and feel good about myself.  Blogging seemed like a big task so I decided to write an elaborate email to Aunt V. I was anyways thinking of calling her over skype.  I decided to write when everything was still fresh in my memory.

This is what I get the next day

Dear S, This is best mail I have received so far in my life. It was a real virtual attendance of the function. Great great great!!!At least the mail reduced my homesickness now. I owe a big gift to you from my side for the elaborate details sent to change my mood.

The thing is it was a very casual email but it made such a huge difference to Aunt V. It made her so happy. When I wrote I thought it was too long and I was probably boring her with unnecessary details. But the kind of response I got was unbelievable.

Incident 2:- Its no news that Delhi is freezing cold for the past few days.  And mere eating, sleeping and doing chores seem like moving mountains. Don’t even ask me about taking bath! Today morning I had to take head bath post Kanu Pongal. After the head bath ordeal I had all my hair equipments lying on the bed. The hair dryer, straightener etc. Around afternoon the maid came. She had taken head bath too and her hair was completely wet. I was cleaning up space for her and just like offered to dry her hair since its winter and her hair was very wet. On any other I would not have done this. The intention was also not to impress her or any such. It was, like I said a just-like-that-only  act. Yet this made the lady so happy. She hadn’t seen anything like this before. In like 5 mins she said its all dry. She was smiling and ruffling her hair the whole time she was at my home. She even offered to bring up the 10 Kg bag I had left in the car because I could not carry.

Ok, but why am I writing all this? Because I realised that we do not need to plan and make an agenda on how to make someone happy. Sometimes these random acts of kindness can bring so much joy to so many people. I decided I am not going to look for opportunities. I am just going to follow my instincts and just be good to people.

Ending the post with this amazing quote



11 responses

  1. Well the quote says it all..

    And I think we all need to be polite and thankful for everything from the smallest to the biggest..
    A little thank you or a little word of appreciation goes a long long way..

    1. Very true Bikram..

  2. Such a simple post and yet it says it all. We in fact, keep doing such acts without even thinking about them. It will become second nature then. How have you been?

    1. Zephyr – How are you?? So long! I know I am the one to be blamed :P.. But seriously so nice to see your comment..

  3. So true.. Even small deeds can bring a lot of happiness 🙂

    1. Indeed GB 🙂

  4. goodness never dies, it fetches in more goodness from others ……simple yet meaningful post 🙂

    1. Hey shimmeshine – Long time!! How are you?? So glad to see you here..

      1. I’m great girl !
        Just a bit stuck with writers block 😦

    1. Thanks Veggie 🙂

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