Behind the wheel..

While I brood about 2014 not being too good to me, I must agree it had its high points too. In fact there were quite a few moments which I conveniently ignored whilst I was busy obsessing over unfulfilled dreams and wishes. But hey, I am rising up after hitting rock bottom! I am consciously focussing on good and positive things. Of course, there are down days but by and large I am good.

So coming to the point – When I look at 2014 my biggest achievement has been moving behind the wheel. Yes, after 3 futile attempts at driving in 3 different cities I finally started driving in Delhi’s maddening traffic. I had learnt driving way back in 2007. However, I never pursued it since I moved first to Bangalore and then to Chennai. Post marriage I tried to learn again in Hyderabad and slowly started driving but we got transferred again to Delhi. When we first came I thought I could manage, especially since I had taken driving classes twice already.

I remember that cold Sunday morning when S took BIL and I to Karkardooma ground for driving practice. We took turns and both of us drove pretty well so S decided we could start driving on the main road. BIL drove first and then came my turn. I slowly picked up some speed only to be followed by 2 buses on either side. Then hell broke loose. There were many vehicles behind me including those DTC buses. The engine shut and I was unable to turn it on and make it move. I got scared and my mind went completely blank. We were at a traffic signal.  I started panicking and got down from the car in the middle of the road! I could see bus drivers shouting, a visibly embarrassed S furiously taking over the driver’s seat shouting at me and the fright on BIL’s face! That, I thought was the end of my driving saga!

Then again sometime in 2013 end I decided to take driving classes again. Yes! I guess I owed a lot of money to driving classes in my previous birth which I am repaying in this birth. This time I decided not to give any break and set out on the road as soon as the class ended. Whattay decision that was! I started driving, FINALLY!! End of 2013, we bought a Duster but I was quite comfortable in my cute little hatchback.

Finally 2014, I was driving everywhere. I can now drive the Duster comfortably and I am so proud of myself. It’s a sight to watch people’s reaction when they see a Duster whizz past them, and a lady driving it 🙂

This is the first part of MyBestof2014 trilogy that I am planning to do. Watch this space for more!





8 responses

  1. Excellent. .and you know delhi traffic can be frightening in itself so kudos to you.. last year I myself was afraid to drive on delhi roads.. and I have lived there for so long..

    And heres wishing all ups always

    1. It is frightening indeed and to top it people are always in a hurry and this leads to road rage, overtaking etc.

  2. Super awesome!! 🙂 What color Duster by the way?! *just curious*

    1. Thanks GB :). Its a brown duster. Color was my choice and this one sure was a winner!

      1. Awww I love that color 🙂 Wishing you super good times with your car 🙂

      2. Thanks GB 🙂

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