Not a lady driver!

I have been hearing the term ‘ lady drivers’ for God Knows how long. Not just after I started driving, but much before that. So much so that I used think ladies are indeed bad when it comes to road sense.

India being a patriarchal society that it is, driving used to be considered a man’s forte. Things changed for better and more and more girls started to get behind the wheels. In a city like Delhi, you will find a number of ladies driving on the roads, on the highways and everywhere. Yet, I feel there is some bias from the male counterparts.

For Eg: The other day I was driving on a very busy road. The signal in one of the crossroads wasn’t working and there were many people waiting to take a U turn,  right turn etc. They were patiently waiting for the straight road ( where I was driving) traffic to ease up before taking the turn. However, when they saw me approaching the junction they started barging in. There was almost no space between my car and the car in front me yet these people wanted to squeeze in between expecting me to  stop and let them go!

Not jut this, the people who are waiting to cross the road also decide to do that conveniently when they see a lady driver approaching. How weird is that?

I can quote many such incidents. All I am trying to say is driving is an art, a neutral art. It does not matter if you are a girl or boy . Its all about the finesse, the ease, the confidence and the experience of the person driving.


I have seen many meme’s, youtube videos making fun of lady drivers. But why just us? In a tight parking spot the odds of parking is the same for both men and women so long as they are confident and experienced in doing so. Let me tell you that in my one year of driving in Delhi traffic, I have found as many men screwing up on roads as women. Anyways, there some jokes which will continue to troll however irrational they may be.

I have been thinking of writing about this for so long but the topic somehow got skipped from my mind. Yesterday, I went to pick up S from his friend’s house. Normally, I allow him to drive when he is around because its no fun driving in Delhi traffic. But last night I decided to drive myself rather than getting out and change seats in the cold. It was a long day at work for both of us so we were having some nice romantic conversation (The usual I missed you types!) to lighten thestress. I had cooked some nice dinner and was in a very nice mood.

We were almost nearing our society complex, when a white car started drifting towards mine. Immediately S shouted, “Watch out, its a lady driver”!!!

What started as a romantic conversation turned into a 15 minute lecture on….you know about what, right?


10 responses

  1. I know! I am just tired of this attitude of people!

    1. Arh – My hope is that things will change soon!

  2. I totally get bugged about this. Many a times, we have had arguments too. may be the percentage of women driving on road is lesser compared to that of the men, and hence all the memes etc. As you said, anyone can screw up!

    1. I agree about the percentage of lady drivers as compared to me. In South especially the numbers are quite low.

  3. There is a lady in the society who drives so well that she can put everyone to shame with her reverse driving and parking skills. I so hear you 🙂

    1. Visha, I can name so many like the lady you are talking about.And my hope is to get to the list of pro-drivers soon…

  4. There definitely is a lot of bias about lady drivers in India. While some lady drivers might make a mess of the road, a lot of men do that as well!

    1. Totally agree Deboshree. I have seen so many men overtaking from the wrong side, not following lane rules etc.

  5. yeah you are right, well in out team we have 4 ladies and believe me I feel more safer sitting in the passenger side when they are driving , then a male officer..

    its just the mentality i guess

    1. It is about mentality and perception only Bikram. I can tell you I drive much safer than many men.

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