How and Why I quit Facebook

Atlast, the day has come, dreaded D Day. Wondering what it is? Well, I quit Facebook!! The feeling is yet to sink in completely but right now it does not feel as bad as I though it would. I have been addicted to Facebook. My work from home job only made it worse. I tried various methods to cut down on the time I spent on Fb. I tried to stick to only 30min or 1 hour a day., I even put a plugin in Chrome which would measure the amount of time I spent in the dreaded virtual world. Despite seeing such huge hours spent doing nothing productive, I could not control my urge to refresh my timeline constantly! Sigh!

There were a few other issues which I will write in a private post. By and large, I was highly addicted to Facebook and I did not see a way out other than taking this drastic step. S was very upset with my behaviour. He wanted me to step out of the house and meet people. He felt I was making things miserable for me by comparing my life with others. We have had some big fights thanks to Facebook. All is well now and finally on the Shivatri night exactly at 12 Am I clicked on the “Deactivate” button!

I do have some withdrawal symptoms right now and I am trying to figure out ways to cope with it. Any suggestions?



4 responses

  1. Congrats! I deleted mine long back. Its tough in the beginning but find ways to distract yourself. And whatever you feel like sharing, do it on your blog 🙂

    1. Yaay! I have a company now.. Thanks for dropping by. I am trying look for ways to spend time efficiently. I must say there is a huge void thanks to facebook 🙂

  2. Oh wow.. You did something that I can’t bring myself to do, just yet. I don’t spend much time on fb except for checking a few times during work. But the kind of impact it has on me.. I can’t begin to explain. You really can’t help but compare your life to that of your friends.. I have not even updated my profile pic for a long time now and slowly I guess I can completing withdraw from it.

  3. good.. I myself found fb to be a distraction and the worst it nothing positive was coming out spending a lot of hours on fb .. I found it waste of time hence I went off it long time back ..


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